Equipping a top German parking tech provider with vision for superior detection, monitoring, and guidance

e-con Systems helped a top smart parking technology provider, based in Germany, to select and integrate an ideal camera system. Our cutting-edge solution went a long way to simplify the lives of city administrations and private companies while alleviating the daily inconvenience faced by citizens related to parking. In the process, they could strengthen vehicle detection, improve parking guidance, and enhance driver communication.
Parking lot Management

About the client

Headquartered in Germany, the client is one of the top high-tech providers of parking detection, monitoring, and guidance solutions. They help maximize and streamline the overall parking experience with end-to-end solutions. As leaders of smart mobility solutions, the client’s footprint extends across the world.

Key Challenges and customer's expectations

The client wanted to automate their smart parking lot solutions by integrating the right camera. However, it needed to be fitted on top of street light poles so that it could capture the images of the parking lot and specific spots on the ground. Hence, the height of the camera placement was a major challenge since it was outdoors – which meant the camera performance should also be largely unaffected by lighting conditions.

Some of the challenges included:

Synchronized multi-camera support for seamless parking lot monitoring

High resolution, with wider FOV to capture maximum number of parked cars

Complete support for vision libraries

Selection of the camera module

e-con Systems selected See3CAM_CU130, a USB Camera module with a 13MP custom lens. The high-resolution camera sensor in the module gave us the ability to ensure dynamic optimization for low-light performance.

See3CAM_CU130’s auto functions (auto white balance, auto exposure control) and complete image signal processing pipeline made it a perfect fit for the client’s smart parking lot solution. It was also equipped with an S-Mount lens holder for a wide-angle M12 lens.

How e-con Systems™ delivered a hassle-free solution

e-con Systems worked closely with the client to identify the right lens for the off-the-shelf See3CAM_CU130 camera module. Then, we optimized the camera settings and ISP to be fully compatible with the chosen lens.

We further optimized the driver to drive higher NVIDIA processor board performance and provided all the necessary support to the client’s design team for successful integration.

The camera module could also support both uncompressed and compressed MJPEG formats.

Business benefits

  • Off-the-shelf camera solution – shorter product development cycles
  • End-to-end vision capabilities for a smart parking solution to help city administrators
  • Cost-effective and customizable integration despite FOV requirements based on unique camera positioning and different lighting conditions
  • Increased ability to identify cars, discover free spots, and calculate parking duration

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