Unlock the real potential of vision in
Autonomous Mobile Robots

Vision solutions are transforming the way in which Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) see in various applications such as warehouse management, perimeter security, and patrol robots. Adding vision to AMRs helps to automate numerous tasks like material handling, in-house transportation tasks, and security monitoring with no or minimal human intervention.

To observe the surroundings for navigation and perform multiple tasks, AMRs require a well-designed, compatible, high-quality camera. Considering this, e-con Systems offers reliable camera solutions meeting the imaging needs of autonomous mobile robots.

Key imaging requirements

Performance in visible/IR lighting

Excellent performance in both
visible and IR lighting

High-quality and sharp images

High-quality and
sharp images

Global shutter




Camera for Autonomous Mobile Robots Case Study

To learn more about how e-con helped a leading Europe based Autonomous Mobile Robots manufacturer to improve automation using our stereo vision camera

What e-con Systems™ offers

Leverage e-con Systems' cameras to offer superior vision capabilities to your automated forklifts, autonomous security robots, autonomous delivery robots, and autonomous smart vehicles.

Vision Camera
Depth Camera
Barcode Scanning Camera
Surround View Camera

Vision Camera

In addition to 3D vision, vision cameras are also used to capture high-quality images for object recognition. e-con's vision camera comes with high level of accuracy owing to its high resolution and sharp focus. The 13MP camera with autofocus abilities will be a perfect fit for detecting and recognizing objects sharply.


13MP Autofocus Camera Module

»   1/3.2" AR1335 Color Image sensor
»   4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface
»   4K @ 30fps
»   Auto Focus (VCM driven)

Depth Camera

Of many 3D technologies, Time-of-Flight also known as TOF is a game-changing 3D technology which is rapidly gaining momentum for capturing a real 3D map of the scene. e-con's ToF camera with a compact design and low light capability supports a longer range up to 6m and it will output both Depth and RGB video streams.


3D Time of Flight (ToF) camera with <1% accuracy

»   Depth & RGB data in a single frame
»   No need for ambient lighting
»   Depth calculation within the camera
»   Depth data with high resolution
»   Far mode & close range mode

Barcode Scanning

Be it a warehouse robot or retail robot, identifying objects with the help of a barcode is very common. Reading such barcodes while objects are in motion requires a high-quality global shutter camera. This Full HD Stereo vision camera from e-con can capture sharp barcode images even when the AMR is moving.


Full HD Color Global Shutter Camera Module

»   1/2.6" AR0234 CMOS image sensor
»   Global Shutter
»   Full HD upto 120fps*
»   Onboard ISP

Surround View

Large outdoor AMRs require a camera with a longer cable length for surround view, which is immune to both water & dust, and produces stunning images regardless of the lighting conditions. This industrial grade Full HD HDR camera along with IP67 rated enclosures and 15 meters cable is ideal for challenging lighting conditions and harsh environments.


IP67 Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera for Surround view system

»   1/2.7" AR0230 color image sensor
»   GMSL2 interface
»   High Dynamic Range (HDR)
»   Synchronized six camera streaming

Markets we serve in the industrial segment

Industrial Rugged Tablets

Power your industrial tablets with small-form factor autofocus cameras for Bar Code Reading, OCR and Image Capture/recording.

Quality Control Inspection

Perform accurate, fast and repeatable quality inspection in manufacturing lines with our high quality, customizable camera modules and solutions

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet by analyzing real time video feed from multiple synchronized cameras within and around your vehicle.