Sony Exmor R & RS Cameras

Exmor was a sensor technology created by Sony to reduce noise and enhance image quality. Compared to Sony's earlier sensor series, Exmor's architecture emphasizes digitizing pixel data during the first phases of image data transport. In addition, it has a front-illuminated structure that performs parallel two-step noise reduction with the on-chip analog/digital signal conversion on each column of the CMOS image sensor.

The Exmor R series was the next generation of sensors from Sony that significantly enhanced sensitivity. These sensors were more suitable for low-light applications. However, the Exmor RS - which was a further upgrade from Exmor R - series of sensors was introduced to overcome the challenge of reduced NIR sensitivity of its previous generations. With this addition, Sony created a solid portfolio of sensors for no light and night vision applications.

e-con Systems™ offers a wide range of Sony Exmor R and Exmor RS cameras based on sensors like IMX298 and IMX477. Our Sony camera modules are ideal for various markets, including industrial, retail, agricultural, smart cities, and the medical sector.