Sony® Pregius IMX264 Cameras

e-con's Sony Pregius IMX264 sensor-based cameras are equipped with features like a global shutter, large sensor, large pixel size, high sensitivity, superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio, excellent NIR performance, and long & short exposure.

This camera series is based on a 2/3" 5MP Sony Pregius IMX264 CMOS sensor which features a large pixel size of 3.45 µm to capture more details.

Also, this Sony Pregius IMX264 camera has global shutter efficiency to support fast frame rates, allowing for high-speed imaging without motion blur.

Product Name Resolution Frame Rate Output Interface  
See3CAM_50CUGM new 5MP 145 fps Monochrome USB 3.0 buy now

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See3CAM_50CUG 5MP 140 fps Color USB 3.0 ContactUs
5MP MIPI Camera 5MP 60 fps Monochrome MIPI ContactUs


Camera for medical and life science imaging
Camera for Medical Microscope to Improve the Accuracy & Speed of Diagnosis
RBC count and WBC count demo using See3CAM_50CUGM

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See3CAM_50CUGM Output Images

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sample image Kidney - H&E stain
sample image Human Blood smear WR stain