S-Mount (M12) Cameras

What is an M12 lens (or S-Mount lens)?

The M12 lens is also called an S-Mount lens (Standard). Smaller than lenses with C/CS mounts, M12 indicates that the lens thread is 12mm in diameter.

These M12 lenses are designed for board-level cameras - frequently used in embedded vision applications across industries like robotics, smart city, autonomous shopping, medical devices, etc., where compact size is a major requirement

Why M12 lenses are used in embedded vision applications?

With the rapid evolution of embedded vision technology, smaller sensor sizes and lenses with M12 mounting are increasingly becoming popular to satisfy the demand for more compact designs.

M12 mount (S-Mount) lenses are the most widely used lens in embedded vision - more so than C/CS mount lenses. In addition, the common availability of S-mount lenses makes it easier for product developers to pick a lens of their choice.

If you are interested in reading the step-by-step guide to selecting an M12 lens for your embedded camera application, please visit the below blog post:

M12 Mount Cameras offered by e-con Systems

e-con Systems offers a wide range of high-quality and high-performance S-Mount (M12) cameras for embedded vision applications. We also support product developers with customizations around lens fixation and mounting. It goes a long way to eliminate issues like lens vignetting and color distortion.