SONY ISX031 Cameras

e-con Systems has designed and developed 3MP camera modules based on the Sony® ISX031 sensor, featuring advanced sub-pixel (split-pixel) technology and an in-built ISP for enhanced image processing.

Our ISX031 camera modules are engineered to excel in varying outdoor lighting conditions, achieving a frame rate of 60fps and offers UYVY format support. These camera modules have been fine tuned to provide impressive HDR performance of up to 120 dB and LFM, thereby providing a solution for capturing dynamic scenes without motion blur.

e-con Systems' portfolio of cameras supports USB, MIPI, and GMSL2 interfaces, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the cable that suits their needs.

Excellent outdoor imaging

Excellent outdoor imaging

With HDR of up to 120 dB
Free of motion artifacts

Free of motion

By Leveraging Subpixel HDR Technology
Reliable in harsh environment

Reliable in harsh environment

Designed for Automotive Industry

Compact form factor & High FPS


SONY ISX031 Camera Variants

Product Name Interface Enclosure Form Factor Supported Platforms Max no. of Cameras Documents Sample Price  
STURDeCAM31 GMSL2 Yes - IP69K rated 25 x 25mm NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 1 Download Full HD USB Camera Documents

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STURDeCAM31_CUOAGX GMSL2 Yes - IP69K rated 25 x 25mm NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 8 Download Full HD USB Camera Documents

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e-CAM31_CUOAGX MIPI CSI-2 No 30 x 30mm NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 6 - - ContactUs
See3CAM_CU31 USB 3.2 Yes 30 x 30mm X86 Platform 1 - - ContactUs

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