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With nearly 8 billion people to feed, Agriculture must adapt to latest technology and improve continuously. Auto Farming or Smart Agriculture today looks to gather, process and use information from fields, environment and weather to improve the yield performance, reduce wastage and resources required like water and man power.

Image sensors are an important part of agricultural sensors used today to capture the color of vegetation, identify bugs, diseases, soil quality, etc. Camera sensors also play a vital role in the automation of various equipment used in de-weeding, harvesting, sorting and packing of the produce.

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Key imaging requirements

  • Capturing high-quality images in challenging lighting conditions for monitoring crop yield, detecting weeds/bugs
  • Flexible cabling options to cater to the large dimension of agriculture robots/vehicles
  • Supporting powerful AI platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson for enabling deep learning algorithms
Agricultural Robot Case Study

How e-con Systems™ helped a client automate farming activities with vision power.

What e-con Systems™ offers

e-con Systems™ has camera solutions that are best suited for auto farming applications such as weed detection, bug detection, crop health and growth monitoring, harvesting automation.

Capturing excellent images in outdoor lighting conditions is very critical requirement in auto farming. e-con Systems has cameras with high dynamic range (HDR) feature for capturing images that brings out details in the brightest as well as darkest areas of the same scene in high-contrast lighting conditions.

Flexible cabling options is required to cater to the varied dimensions of the agricultural robots and vehicles. e-con system cameras are comes with various cabling options that can support long distances upto 15 meters.

Agricultural applications need powerful AI platforms that can run deep learning algorithms for weed detection, bug detection, crop health and growth monitoring, etc and take real time decisions on Edge itself. Being a preferred NVIDIA partner, e-con Systems provides multi-camera solutions for NVIDIA Jetson platforms to enable artificial intelligence in revolutionizing agricultural applications.

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