NeduCAM25_CUTDA4 - Four synchronized global shutter FPD-Link III camera with 15m cable support


  • Houses NeduCAM25 - Full HD global shutter camera module
  • Plugs into Texas Instruments® SK-TDA4VM developer kit
  • Flat Panel Display Link (FPD-Link III) interface with FAKRA connector
  • Coaxial cable to transmit power and data up to 15m
  • External trigger support for synchronized multi-camera streaming
  • On-board high performance ISP
  • Dust and water proof IP67-rated enclosure (optional)

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NeduCAM25_CUTDA4 is a full HD global shutter FPD-Link III color camera for Texas Instruments® SK-TDA4VM developer kit.

This camera solution contains NeduCAM25 - a full HD global shutter color camera module with FPD-Link III serializer, a 15 meter coaxial cable with FAKRA connector and an FPD-Link III deserializer board with 4 camera connectors.

Refer pdfDatasheet for complete frame rate details.

  • Key features:
    • Frame Rate:
      • Streams HD at 120 fps, FHD at 65 fps, and 2MP at 60 fps
      Refer pdfDatasheet for more details.
    • Output format: Uncompressed UYVY format
    • High-speed 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface
    • Transmission of video, audio* and power over 15m coaxial cable
    • Standard M12 lens holder for use with customized optics or lenses for various applications
    • Lightweight, versatile, and portable design
  • Interface:
    • Interface: FPD-Link III
    • Connector: FAKRA connector
    • Cable Length: 15m
  • Module features:
    • Sensor: AR0234CS from onsemi®
    • Focus Type: Fixed focus
    • Sensor Resolution: Full HD
    • Chroma: Color
    • Shutter Type: Global Shutter
    • Optical Format: 1/2.6"
    • Output Format: Uncompressed UYVY
    • Pixel Size: 3μm x 3μm
    • Sensor Active Area: 1920(H) x 1200(V)
    • Array Size: 1920(H) x 1200(V)
    • Responsivity: 56 Ke-/luxsec
    • SNR: 38 dB
    • Dynamic Range: 71.4 dB
    • Holder: M12 (S-Mount)
    • FOV: 128.2°(D), 104.6°(H), 61.6°(V) (with the lens provided by e-con)
  • Electrical and Mechanical:
    • Operating Voltage: 12V with +/- 5% tolerance
    • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 70°C
    • Size in mm (l x b):
      • Camera module: 30 x 30 mm
      • Serializer board : 30 x 30 mm
      • Deserializer board : 65 x 67 mm
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Compliance: FCC, RoHS
  • Launched on: launching date
  • * - Please contact

e-con Systems provides Gstreamer and V4L2 commands that demonstrate the features of this camera. However, this camera can also be utilized by any V4L2 application.

Linux camera driver:

  • V4L2 Linux driver for MIPI CSI-2 camera module
    • Video preview
    • Still Image capture
    • Camera controls via IOCTLs
    • Gstreamer-1.0 support for video recording
  • Camera Controls
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Sharpness
    • Saturation control
    • Gain
    • Gamma
    • Exposure (Manual and Auto)
    • Horizontal Flip
    • Vertical Flip
    • Digital Zoom
    • Trigger
  • Please contact for any customization requirements.
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Download Full HD USB Camera Documents

NeduCAM25_CUTDA4 - Customization and Porting Services for other Application Processor platforms:

e-con Systems™ provides camera driver development, customization and porting services for NeduCAM25_CUTDA4 on any application platform as per customer requirements.

NeduCAM25_CUTDA4 - Customization:

e-con provides customization, development and porting services for the following requirements:

  • IP rated (IP67) enclosure and IP rated (IP67) cables for rugged applications.
  • Length of the co-axial cable
  • Change of lens to meet your FOV and other requirements
  • Support for other NVIDIA® Jetson™ platforms as well as carrier boards from other vendors built using NVIDIA platforms
  • Support for other processor platforms
  • Camera and features customization based on specific requirements. Please contact for customization requirements.