Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the NeduCAM series of cameras and what are its key features?

NeduCAM is a new series of cameras from e-con Systems with the FPD-Link III interface. Power over coaxial cable with up to 15m length, multi-camera with synchronization, support for multiple edge AI platforms - such as NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin/AGX Xavier, and TI's SK-TDA4VM - are a few of its key features.

2. What is the NeduCAM25 camera?

NeduCAM25 is a full HD color global shutter camera - the first camera module in the series - based on onsemi's AR0234 image sensor. This camera has an inbuilt ISP and an FPD-LINK III serializer with a FAKRA connector.

3. What are the platforms currently supported for NeduCAM25?

NeduCAM25_CUTDA4 is the camera solution for TI's SK-TDA4VM AI kit readily available for evaluation. You can purchase it directly from our webstore.

The camera module is also compatible with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. NeduCAM25_CUOAGX is the camera solution for the Orin development kit which will be launched soon.

4. Is synchronization supported when I use multiple cameras?

Yes. NeduCAM25 supports external trigger for enabling synchronization while connecting multiple cameras.

5. I need a different lens to cover more FOV? How to do it?

The camera comes with an M12 lens holder. You shall be able to use any standard S-mount lens (M12 x 0.5) with the default lens holder. Please write to for lens suggestions.

6. Can I change the lens mount from S-mount to C-mount?

It is possible to support a C-mount lens holder as a hardware customization effort. You could write to us at for any customization request.

7. I need NeduCAM with a different camera sensor. Is it possible?

Yes. For instance, NeduCAM81 is a 4K HDR camera with the FPD LINK III interface which is currently under development. Also, NeduCAM27 is a global shutter RGB-IR camera that is again being developed. Apart from these off-the-shelf cameras, e-con Systems shall be able to customize the NeduCAM series camera with any other sensor. Please write to camerasolutions@e‑ for further details..

8. I need an IP67-rated enclosure for this kit. Can e-con support?

Yes. Of course. e-con has IP67-rated cameras and smart cameras in its portfolio. Apart from that, e-con has helped several customers with custom IP67-rated enclosures.

9. What's the length of the cable provided with this camera kit?

A 15-meter shielded coaxial cable is provided with the off-the-shelf camera.

10. I need reliable connection between the camera and the host due to the heavy vibration. Is NeduCAM25 recommended for such a use case?

Yes. One of the key advantages of the NeduCAM camera series over USB cameras is its reliable connection. The FPD-LINK III interface with FAKRA connector has been used in the industry for long time and is well known for its reliable connection.

11. What is the warranty on NeduCAM25?

All off-the-shelf products from e-con have a 3-year warranty. Please refer the warranty page for more details.