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Learn how e-con Systems helped more than 20 customers globally enhance the performance of their products by leveraging its edge AI based vision solutions.

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Medical & Life Science
Agriculture & Fisheries
Smart Cities
Edu, Sports & Entertainment
Biometrics & Access

Powering industrial rugged tablets with a future-ready camera module

Ensuring defect-free products with vision-led quality control inspection

Customizing a stereo camera for autonomous mobile robots

Improving mining vehicle safety for smarter fleet management


Enabling new-age ophthalmology imaging

Laboratory equipment

Customizing a cutting-edge camera for laboratory equipment


Enabling smarter documentation with an iHDR camera for dentistry

Assistive devices

Delivering the right camera for low-vision aid devices


Building an imaging solution with a USB camera for dermatology

Auto Farming

Automating crop yield assessment for new-age smart farming

Fish Farming

Building an underwater camera for fish farming in real-time

Smart Surveillance

Delivering smart surveillance solutions on the edge

Parking Lot Management

Adding vision power to a parking lot management system for real-time guidance

Smart Traffic

Enabling better city management with an HDR camera for smart traffic

Sports Broadcasting

Reinventing real-time sports broadcasting experiences

Smart Classrooms

Leveraging a 4K camera for better smart classroom experiences

Biometrics Border Control

Building a biometric border control solution to manage people flow

Access Control and Analytics

Leveraging a future-ready camera for access control and analytics

Retail Kiosk

Harnessing vision AI power for a smarter retail kiosk

Smart Checkout and Carts

Perfecting an HDR camera for smart checkout and carts

Retail Store Automation

Creating a muti-cameras solution to power retail store automation