Summary of the solution

The client wanted to increase their viewer base by live-broadcasting soccer matches (or on-demand or recorded or highlight reels) without the need for a camera operator. See how e-con Systems integrated the client's algorithm with a six-camera system (both equipped for panoramic view and IP67-certified dust and water-proofing).

Key challenges faced by the client

Custom-fit and portable high-quality camera

Custom-fit and portable
high-quality camera for
sports broadcasting

Multicamera interfacing

Uncompromising HD quality
(High resolution-1080p)
via LTE

180 degree panorama view

180-degree panorama
view in real-time
outdoor conditions

Benefits of the solution

Feature images
  • Smart data insights that guarantee great sports broadcasting experiences
  • Single vendor for design, development, integration, and volume production
  • Vision automation for significant cost and manual effort savings

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