Multi-camera GMSL solution Connect Tech's Jetson AGX Xavier™ Rogue Carrier Board

e-con Systems™ partnered with Connect Tech to deliver a multi-camera solution for Connect Tech's featured-packed Rogue Carrier board (AGX101) on NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ module using Connect Tech's GMSL expansion board (JCB002) through Quad coaxial cable. This multi-camera solution consists upto 8 NileCAM30. NileCAM30 is a full HD GMSL camera based on 1/3-inch AR0330, a 3.4 MP CMOS image sensor from onsemi® along with on-board ISP and GMSL serializer board. One of the unique features of NileCAM30 is that it supports 15-meter-long coaxial cable. It has S-mount (M12) lens holder, which allows customers to choose and use the best-suited lens for the application.

Customers can purchase anything between single camera to eight cameras as according to the requirement.

Module Features:

Sensor:1/3" Optical format CMOS Image sensor.

Focus Type:Fixed

Resolution:3.4 MP

Pixel size:2.2 µm x 2.2 µm

Sensor Active Area:2304H x 1536V

Responsivity:2 V/lux-sec

SNR:39 dB

Dynamic Range:69.5 dB

Output Format:Uncompressed UYVY format

Shutter Type:Electronic Rolling Shutter


ISP:External ISP

DFOV:3.4 MP - 125° (with the lens provided by e-con)

Note: The technical information are subject to change

Connect Tech Rogue Carrier Board

  • Commercially deployable NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ platform
  • 8x 2-lane or 4x 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface to connect with the CPU
  • 2x NVMe M.2 Key M Slots, 3x USB 3.1, 2x GbE
  • Wide input power range 9-19V DC
  • Dimensions: 92mm x 105mm (3.62" x 4.13")

Connect Tech's GMSL expansion board (JCB002)

  • Supports up to 8 GMSL Camera (NileCAM30)
  • Simultaneous Full HD 30 frames per second from all the 8 cameras
  • Power over Coax
  • Internal or External Camera Power
  • Compact in size
  • 4x mini Coax Connector


For NileCAM30 camera

USD 199

For Rogue Board and GMSL Expansion Board

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Targeted Applications

»  Camera monitoring system

»  Surround view system

»  Inspection cameras

»  Diagnostic displays

»  Street lighting cameras