Vision enabled smart traffic systems to optimize
traffic flow and pedestrian safety

Smart Traffic systems are based on communication and information technologies that helps in improving traffic management and commuting experience in urban planning. Cameras integrated into smart traffic systems provide real time traffic insights and optimizes the traffic flow.

Smart Traffic management has varied applications like ALPR, Traffic Enforcement, Vehicle Detection, Lane Occupancy, Traffic Violation Detection and Traffic Monitoring. Each smart traffic application performs distinctive functions that demand cameras with varied features.

Considering this e-con systems provides cameras which are designed specially to meet the requirements of smart traffic management.

Key imaging requirements

High Resolution

High Resolution

To cover wide area of the intersection in greater detail


High Dynamic Range

To capture high quality images in challenging lighting conditions

Global Shutter

Global Shutter

To capture fast moving objects without rolling shutter artifact & motion blur

Low Light Sensitivity

Low Light Sensitivity

To capture clear images in
dark environments

Smart Traffic System Case Study

How e-con Systems™ helped a client build a world-class smart traffic solution.

How e-con Systems helped a top smart Traffic solution provider to integrate a camera into their Intelligent Transportation System.

Spectrophotometer Case Study

What e-con Systems™ offers

High Resolution Cameras
Global Shutter Cameras
HDR Cameras
GMSL2 Cameras
Low Light Cameras

High resolution cameras for Traffic Monitoring

Smart traffic cameras help in monitoring intersections and improve pedestrian safety effectiveness. To provide real-time insights and optimize traffic flow of vehicles, cameras should be capable of covering wide Field of View(FOV) in greater detail.

4K cameras with a resolution of 3840×2160P provide exceptionally high-Quality images that help in covering a wide field of view of the intersection. Also, 1080p Full HD cameras are adequate to cover a narrow FOV of any given area. Sensor size is vital to capture images without losing significant detail. A camera with the combination of high resolution and sensor size is imperative in traffic monitoring applications.

Global Shutter camera for ALPR & Traffic Enforcement

Smart traffic applications like ALPR and red light violation detection is deployed to detect over speeding vehicles. Vision enabled solutions assist in traffic enforcement by recognizing the License plate of a  moving vehicle accurately. Cameras with quality features helps in achieving this.

Global shutter cameras with optimal exposure time capture fast-moving vehicles accurately without causing shutter artefact. To mitigate motion blur, a global shutter camera with high FPS is recommended, making them suitable for ALPR/LPR applications.

HDR cameras for Highway Monitoring

As traffic volumes tend to increase in the lanes avoiding congestion in highways is crucial. To keep highways safe and accurately monitor traffic flows, cameras in smart traffic solutions shouldn’t be vulnerable to lowlight conditions, glare, or shadows.

Cameras with HDR features bringing different exposures together provide accurate video detection even in challenging lighting conditions. An HDR camera with IP67 rated enclosure enhances the vision in smart traffic management systems to monitor traffic in the highways 24/7 effectively in varied weather conditions.

GMSL2 for smart traffic & ITS applications

Several smart traffic applications demand long distance transmission of data owing to the position of camera and the host processor. A traffic violation detection camera mounted on a pole transmits the captured image to the host processor at the base with an interface.

GMSL2 interface with 15 metre cable transmits data to the host platform reliably that is suitable for smart traffic applications which requires multiple cameras. Also, a camera with IP67 rated enclosure is best suited for smart traffic solutions that are prone to varied weather conditions.

Lowlight cameras for smart traffic applications

Traffic monitoring cameras deployed in highways work 24/7 in no or low lighting conditions. Camera systems in such applications should be capable of detecting and capturing the moving vehicles accurately in all lighting conditions and during the night.

Cameras with high sensitivity generates better quantum efficiency thereby enabling clear images without any significant detail loss. Ultra-low light cameras with high sensitivity allows you to capture images even at 0.01 LUX, making them suitable for reliable traffic data collection.

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