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e-con Systems is a product company focused on OEM products that help customers speed up their time to market. Founded in 2003, e-con Systems has been a pioneer in the OEM Cameras and Computer on Module products. Camera modules include standalone MIPI camera modules and USB cameras. System on Modules include SOMs based on NVIDIA, NXP(Freescale) & TI processors.

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See3CAM_CU30 vs See3CAM_CU55 : Low Noise Comparison (In various light conditions)

Right from it's inception, e-con Systems has been a pioneer in OEM Cameras and Computer-on-Module products. Cameras include standalone MIPI camera modules, USB cameras and stereo cameras. System on Modules include SOMs based on NXP, Texas Instruments & NVIDIA ARM processors. e-con Systems ships products globally to more than 80 countries.