Cameras for Vecow

e-con Systems, at the forefront of designing, developing, and manufacturing custom and off-the-shelf camera solutions, has established a partnership with Vecow. Our advanced GMSL cameras seamlessly integrate with Vecow's innovative Edge AI Computing Systems, presenting a powerful solution tailored for AI vision applications. This synergy offers customers ready-to-deploy vision functions, expediting time to market and facilitating seamless deployments.

Vecow, acclaimed for its NVIDIA Jetson partnership and AIoT solutions, introduces the Vecow EAC Series. This innovative series, built upon the entire NVIDIA Jetson family, includes models like EAC-5000, EAC-3000, and EAC-2100. The series caters to a diverse array of applications, from in-vehicle computing to real-time video analytics and beyond.

The integration of e-con Systems' GMSL cameras into the EAC Series introduces a potent solution for diverse sectors. From Robotics and Smart Traffic Systems to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automotive Infotainment, the GMSL cameras offer advanced sensing capabilities crucial for safety-critical functions, long-range support, improved EMI/EMC performances, and more.