HDR USB & MIPI Cameras

e-con Systems specializes in providing High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras that can be connected to advanced processing platforms using MIPI and USB interfaces. Our HDR MIPI and HDR USB cameras are designed to capture high-quality images regardless of the lighting conditions. These HDR cameras are well-suited for applications demanding imaging with optimal exposure control, ensuring that the bright areas aren't too bright and the dark areas aren't too dim in the output images.

Our HDR cameras are built using state-of-the-art sensor technology, incorporating the esteemed Sony ISX031, STARVIS IMX290 sensor, a range of high-quality sensors from onsemi, including AR0821, AR0233AT, AR0230, and more.

e-con Systems also offers a wide portfolio of HDR cameras - ranging from 2 MP to 8 MP resolution and capable of streaming up to 120 fps.

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