Concluded Webinars

In this webinar, we will walk you through how to interface the camera to your desired edge computing device when the distance between the camera and the host is longer than 1m. We’ll also talk about different technologies used for long distance transmission in cameras and a detailed comparison of different interface options, their advantages, and limitations. You will also learn how to choose the right long distance cable for your embedded vision application.

One of the key challenges in developing medical devices is to choose the best camera with the right processing platform. Most medical devices require a powerful processor that is capable of carrying out adequate image processing to run various medical tests and diagnoses. NXP i.MX8 series of processors is ideal for such devices. In this webinar, our camera experts walk you through the advantages of using NXP i.MX8 series of processors in medical devices. You will also learn how e‑con Systems' cameras are a perfect vision solution for i.MX8 based medical devices.

We organized a joint webinar in collaboration with Silicon Highway, where we took the audience through the full cycle of integrating a camera into their product. With over 300+ attendees, we covered a lot of aspects - Factors to consider while choosing the image sensor, optics and interface for a vision based application and how to accelerate product development with readily available off-the-shelf camera components. We also shared insights on how to choose the right vision solution to solve common imaging problems for specific use cases including industrial, retail, medical and smart city. Watch this webinar to learn from the top 1% in the embedded vision industry and leverage a combined experience and expertise of more than 3 decades!

Intelligent fast failure is the need of the hour in incorporating Intelligence into hardware products. Moving fast requires building quick PoCs to verify the veracity of the idea before taking the solution to production. Within e-con systems and VisAi Labs we have built 1000s of PoCs to validate the ideas, but only around 300 ideas have been taken to market.

In this webinar we used 50+ years of cumulative experience from e-con systems and CRG electronics to give you a definitive guide to developing successful edge AI enabled computer vision application.

In this webinar, we walk you through how the collaboration between e-con Systems and Toradex simplifies the integration of cameras into your products taking into account both hardware and software. We guide you through an out-of-the-box experience to your first simple OpenCV program, and also give you tips and tricks along the way.