Night Vision USB Cameras

What are Night Vision USB Cameras?

Night Vision USB camera technology aids in capturing high-quality images during the night. In simpler terms, these cameras equip embedded vision systems with night vision capabilities. The camera's NIR (Near InfraRed) sensitivity makes it easy for them to operate in extreme low-light conditions - empowering several industries like surveillance, medical, food inspection, parking lot management, pedestrian detection, and more.

Night Vision USB Cameras by e-con Systems

e-con Systems has designed, developed, and deployed world-class night vision USB cameras with a high-sensitivity level for maximum performance. Our cameras come with about 30% quantum efficiency in the 850nm range - making the perfect for R&D applications, medical diagnostics, biometrics and access control, surveillance, and industrial applications.

If you are interested in knowing how night vision USB cameras help in pedestrian detection, please visit the blog post given below:

How Near-Infrared Imaging Helps Achieve Night Vision

The human eye's spectral sensitivity is between 380 nm - 700 nm. Whereas ordinary cameras cover this visible range, the NIR range of 850 nm - 1400 nm can only be covered using cameras with NIR imaging capabilities. NIR imaging combines continuous-wave movements with a unique sensitivity profile that helps project distant objects with a clear vision. To capture images and videos in the night where the visible light (380 nm - 700 nm) supply is limited, an NIR camera is required.

For further reading on how near-infrared imaging is useful in night vision applications, please give the following article a read:

Our Low-Light/Night Vision Expertise

e-con Systems provides NIR-optimized low light USB & MIPI cameras that capture great quality images in daylight/night vision (0 Lux) environments. We also offer extensive customization services to make sure our camera solutions meet your application's unique requirements. These include form factor changes,interface connector customization, lens mount modifications, enclosure design, and more.

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