Take care of all your
Industrial Imaging needs

Enhance your machine performance in your warehouses and factories by instantly recognizing objects and improving decision-making capabilities at the edge. With the help of embedded Vision cameras, you can easily manufacture and deliver high-quality products in the shortest possible timeframe with consistency

Industrial Rugged Tablets

Power your industrial tablets with small-form factor autofocus cameras for Bar Code Reading, OCR and Image Capture/recording.

Quality Control Inspection

Perform accurate, fast and repeatable quality inspection in the manufacturing line with our high quality, customizable camera modules and solutions.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Leverage e-con Systems™ Stereo Vision technology and HDR cameras to enable your Warehouse Robots perform Autonomous navigation, Obstacle detection, visual SLAM and much more functionalities.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet by analyzing real time video feed from multiple synchronized cameras within and around your vehicle.