Other markets we serve

Industrial Rugged Tablets

Power your industrial tablets with small-form factor autofocus cameras for Bar Code Reading, OCR and Image Capture/recording.

Quality Control Inspection

Perform accurate, fast and repeatable quality inspection in the manufacturing line with our high quality, customizable camera modules and solutions.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet by analyzing real time video feed from multiple synchronized cameras within and around your vehicle.

Fish Farming

Seamlessly monitor fish growth and take action accordingly, with our underwater cameras that also come with long-distance cable support.

Smart Surveillance

Make smart and safe decisions with, multiple synchronized camera support and smooth image stitching capabilities - in both home and office environments.

Parking Lot Management

Cost-effectively monitor and manage hundreds of parking slots, capture records of parked vehicles, and get info about people or organizations to save a lot of time.


Leverage our wide portfolio of global shutter and ERS cameras, with high efficiency at visible and NIR spectral regions, for your ophthalmic devices.

Assistive Technology

Enhance your vision-based assistive healthcare devices like video magnifiers, medication dispensers, etc. with our powerful and customizable camera solutions.


Meet your digital images in dermatology, with high-end cameras that offer excellent color reproduction and image sharpness at close distance, with enhancement algorithms.

Patient Care

Our cutting-edge camera solutions help medical device manufacturers to enable healthcare providers and practitioners new ways to examine, diagnose, monitor, and treat patients with limited resources

Camera for Surgeries

The integration of cameras into surgical procedures has transformed the field of medicine, revolutionized surgical techniques and improved patient outcomes.

Pharmacy Automation

Integrated cameras revolutionize pharmacy operations, ensuring precision in dispensing and quality control. Automated analysis enhances accuracy, prioritizing patient care.

Retail Kiosks

Reinvent the retail experience with vision-based kiosk technology and offer advanced personalization like selling based on shopping habits and extending customer service.

Retail Store Automation

Meet key imaging solution parameters in retail automation use cases like optimized store layouts, stock filling/delivery robots, and shelf inspection systems, with cutting-edge camera solutions.

Biometric Border Control

Improve automated border control systems with biometric facial identifiers by leveraging futuristic cameras that can easily compare faces to passport photo, and more.

Access Control and Analytics

Get off-the-shelf camera solutions to quickly create facial recognition, people tracking, employee management, and visitor identification applications that estimate emotions, behaviour, and anti-spoofing.

Smart Classrooms

Give schools the flexibility to create tailor made teaching and learning solutions with easy-to-use classroom video conferencing through our unique vision solutions.