Improve patient care by using the right camera
for accurate and rapid point of care diagnosis

Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics plays a crucial role in today’s medical and healthcare system by bringing medical testing & diagnosis to patients or to locations close to patients. Camera and AI advancements have enabled the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases using point of care devices, including various types of cancers and many endemics. To address this increasing need, e-con Systems has developed many compact and high-performance cameras to improve the effectiveness of point of care testing. e-con’s cutting-edge embedded cameras can help you build portable, high-precision, and affordable point of care diagnostics devices.

point-of-care (POC)

The camera requirements for different point-of-care (POC) devices are not the same. e-con’s cameras ranging from high resolution to autofocus to low noise are a perfect fit for point of care applications such as ophthalmology (fundus imaging, retina scanners) to dermatology (skin analyzer, wound analyzer) and urology (urinalysis system) to dentistry (oral cancer detection).

Key imaging requirements

Low power consumption

Low power consumption

Small form factor

Small form factor

Accurate color reproduction

Accurate color reproduction
(ISP expertise)

Macro imaging

Macro imaging

Camera driver availability

Camera driver availability

High Precision AI-driven POC Device

Learn how we helped a US client to build a high precision AI-driven point of care device for oral pre-cancer screening

What e-con Systems™ offers

From micro board-level MIPI cameras to  high-performance 4K  Ultra-HD  USB  cameras, e-con's product line has a camera for every set of specifications required for any kind of POC device. Apart from our off-the-shelf cameras, we also provide customized camera solutions to meet the particular needs of a POC device. Camera support is available for a variety of ARM-based embedded platforms, including the most popular processors for POC devices such as NXP i.MX6, i.MX8, and Raspberry Pi.

Our 4K Ultra HD camera that comes in both autofocus and fixed focus variants can be used to capture and identify even the minutest details required for diagnosis.

Also, to address the need for a low noise camera, we offer a 5MP camera with both color and monochrome variants.

Further to cater to the macro-imaging needs in POC screening applications like intra-oral cancer detection where the device will be taken closer to the target area, e-con Systems offers an autofocus camera with liquid lens.

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Patient Care

Our cutting-edge camera solutions help medical device manufacturers to enable healthcare providers and practitioners new ways to examine, diagnose, monitor, and treat patients with limited resources

Laboratory Equipment

Support superior-quality video and image capture at high frame rates and high resolution in applications like Digital Microscopy and Automated Analyzers while reducing time-to-market for your products.


Leverage our wide portfolio of global shutter and ERS cameras, with high efficiency at visible and NIR spectral regions, for your ophthalmic devices.

Assistive Technology

Enhance your vision-based assistive healthcare devices like video magnifiers, medication dispensers, etc. with our powerful and customizable camera solutions.


Use our high-sensitivity cameras, with excellent color reproduction, that provide uniform exposure to perform affordable and efficient dental imaging.


Meet your digital images in dermatology, with high-end cameras that offer excellent color reproduction and image sharpness at close distance, with enhancement algorithms.