Give your laboratory testing equipments
true AI-led vision power

Automated Laboratory Analysis is important to improve the speed and consistency of laboratory analysis work. When automating such laboratory tasks, it becomes mandatory to verify a number of things without doubt before the start of an analysis process. Apart from a wrong/failed analysis, there is a risk of losing critical samples as well if things are not in place. Cameras play a vital role here help automated analyzers do their job to perfection.

Laboratory camera

Key imaging requirements

High sensitivity and SNR

High sensitivity
and SNR

Small form factor

Small form

Optimized ISP solution

ISP solution

Higher depth-of-field

depth-of field

Medical Laboratory Equipment Camera Case Study

How e-con Systems™ helped a global leader add vision power in their next-gen automated analyzer.

What e-con Systems™ offers

e-con Systems™ offers innovative cameras, with advanced and highly optimized ISP solutions that can that be directly integrated with NVIDIA platforms. We work with many optics vendors to provide different solutions including macro imaging with high depth-of-field. Our cameras can power laboratory devices like haematology analyzers, automated cell counters, chemistry analyzers, microscopes, etc. where vision is used for control and detection functions.

Explore our medical and life sciences markets


Leverage our wide portfolio of global shutter and ERS cameras, with high efficiency at visible and NIR spectral regions, for your ophthalmic devices.


Use our high-sensitivity cameras, with excellent color reproduction, that provide uniform exposure to perform affordable and efficient dental imaging.

Assistive Technology

Enhance your vision-based assistive healthcare devices like video magnifiers, medication dispensers, etc. with our powerful and customizable camera solutions.


Meet your digital images in dermatology, with high-end cameras that offer excellent color reproduction and image sharpness at close distance, with enhancement algorithms.