What are Wide-Angle USB Cameras?

Wide-angle USB cameras are equipped with wide-angle lenses that have a focal length of 35 mm or lower. As you can imagine, it helps in ensuring that nearby objects appear veritably large while making sure that objects at a moderate distance appear smaller. Wide-angle USB cameras play a major role in embedded vision applications as they capture more details while covering a large area. It makes them perfect for embedded vision applications like surveillance, smart traffic, parking lot management, and sports broadcasting.

There are three types of wide-angle lenses – wide, ultra-wide, and fisheye lenses. Wide-angle lenses come with a focal length of 24-35mm. On the other hand, ultra-wide angle lenses range from 18 to 24 mm in focal length while fisheye lenses usually have a maximum focal length of 18mm.

Why Are Wide-Angle USB Cameras Important?

Wide-angle USB cameras assist in capturing images without needing to place the camera further away from the object. Hence, there's no more wondering if the camera FoV will cover sufficient enough area to provide good quality images without losing any part of it. For instance, traffic monitoring systems like Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) devices need high-quality 100° wide angle (diagonal) M12 lenses.

Wide-Angle USB Cameras by e-con Systems

e-con Systems has designed, developed, and deployed world-class USB cameras that can be integrated with wide-angle lenses. Depending on the end application, we help our customers choose the right type of wide-angle lenses.

Our off-the-shelf camera kits based on the MIPI, GMSL, or USB interface come embedded with high-quality 100° wide angle (diagonal) M12 lenses. They can be interfaced with processors such as NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin/AGX Xavier/Xavier NX/Nano and other Linux/Windows-based systems. In addition, we provide software drivers for Linux and Windows for smooth and quick integration.

Our Expertise In Camera Lens Selection And Integration

Over the years, we have deployed cutting-edge wide-angle cameras using sensors from Onsemi, OmniVision, and Sony. In addition to merely offering off-the-shelf solutions, we make sure we travel with our customers to customize our cameras by smoothly integrating the right lens into them - thereby meeting the end application requirements.