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Customer Testimonials

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   Camera Products

“As a growing manufacturer of microscopes, ensuring the precision and excellence of our camera systems is essential to our operations. Collaborating with e-con Systems has been exceptionally rewarding. Their professionalism, coupled with the outstanding quality and affordability of their cameras, has consistently impressed us. We're truly satisfied with their prompt service and dedication to meeting our requirements. Without hesitation, we recommend e-con Systems to businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective camera solutions.”

Yuksel Temiz
Founder - Microqubic


Vayu Robotics Praises e-con Systems' Phenomenal Support | Customer Testimonial

“e-con Systems is our manufacturing partner. We are super happy with their phenomenal support, as their cameras work all the time! Their experts, whom we deal with, are super nice to work with, and I'm extremely happy about this. Thanks a lot!”

Mahesh Krishnamurthy,
Co-Founder, Vayu Robotics

e-con's GMSL2 HDR NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin camera powers Minus Zero's Autonomous Vehicle - zPod

“We are MinusZero and we use e-con Systems' cameras to run perception module. We use 2 sets of cameras, three in each which covers 360 degree view for us. This is integrated using the industry standard GMSL protocol into our system,. It reduces the end to end process time very drastically. On top of that, we have e-con's ISP software that allows to tune ISP, not just according to us, but also to the environment, We, thank e-con Systems for their continued support throughout our journey.”

Aayush Kumar,
Minus Zero

“We have been using the See3Cam for the last year in our mobile robots and are very satisfied with this product. The cameras have been free of defects at incoming, and we have also experienced zero field failures. Better still, the USB interface and software driver for this device have consistently worked well and we have required no support for integration or maintenance, very unusual for a USB device on Linux in our experience.”

Locus Robotics

“We thought of self-development instead of outsourcing, but we didn't have the manpower required and the knowledge. We got good references about e-con. The technical discussions prior to the project and during the project term went really well. e-con offered professional solution, end to end with personal attitude. e-con showed that they are really pros and fun to work with.”


“We purchased Denebola, See3CAM_CX3RDK. We are extremely impressed with Denebola because we were able to modify the firmware to access the camera module resisters, which has been very beneficial to us. Thanks to these features, we have succeeded in streaming video using optical link with Denebola. We have successfully demonstrated thumb-size camera with 20-meters-long optical fiber cable using Denebola.

The biggest advantages we had with the camera modules are:

  • It is very small, so that we can reduce the size of the camera.
  • It has auto-focus and auto-exposure functions.
  • We could access the camera module resisters.

We considered using Inforce 6540, but we have chosen Denebola because Denebola has easily-modifiable firmware and access to the camera module resisters. I would certainly recommend e-con Systems because they have many kinds of camera kits. Each has detailed manual and datasheet which can be downloaded from the website. Answer from the support is very quick and helpful. ”

Yuki Ikku,
Advanced Photonics Inc.

“We purchased See3CAM_80. It works out of the box on Windows. We had little or no trouble in getting the software running.

What we particularly like about the camera is, the 8 megapixel resolution. It perfectly meets the requirements for our project. From the cost vs benefits scenario, this offers the best solution.

We are also extremely satisfied with e-con support. They offered prompt and effective support.”

Rajeev Huralikoppi,
HW Lead, Ionos Networks.

“I would like to commend e-consystems for their excellent support and up-to-date driver development for their cameras. My company develops advanced airborne imaging systems and we have recently begun prototyping sytems using state-of-the-art embedded processors. When we discovered that e-consystems had a 13 MegaPixel camera that could be used with the NVIDIA Tegra series processors (Jetson TK1) we were very pleased. The camera was very new to the market and did not yet have drivers for the Jetson, but we were assured by the e-consystems staff that we could do a custom build of the Linux kernel to accomplish the job. They sent us a link to very well-written and detailed instructions on how to do the build, and it worked exactly as they stated. After completing the build, there were still issues interfacing to the camera, and the e-consystems staff was ready to help the same day. That night, they worked over remote link to our computer and completed all of the necessary interfaces just in time for us to be able to take our prototype surveillance drone to the NVIDIA GPU conference where we encountered great interest including from NVIDIA and several of their large industry partners. We have now established good contacts with these organizations and have a clear path for development ahead, thanks to e-consystems.”

Steven Suddarth, Ph. D,
Director,Transparent Sky

“We purchased See3CAM80 and See3CAMCU50. The cameras produce a very high quality image. The camera resolution and the picture quality, is outstanding.

The technical support team is very responsive. They worked quickly to resolve all our questions. They gave us out of the box support for Linux. What I liked the most is, they have well documented manuals and read me files, very clearly written and user-friendly.

From sales to technical support, every interaction I've had with e-con Systems has resulted in a great experience.”

Michael O'Har ,
Senior Design Engineer ,
Aethon, Inc., USA.

“We bought See3CAM_30Z10X. We explored many new features after buying this e-con module. I would highly recommend e-consystems for three reasons:

  • The quality of the images.
  • The support given by e-con engineers, to integrate our system with e-con See3CAM_30Z10X module.
  • The flexibility of using and controlling the camera through GUI.

The product is of high quality and a perfect fit for our needs. We are extremely happy with the finest service.”

Pradeep V Pydah,
Maxerience Electrosystems Pvt Ltd.

“We purchased See3CAM_10CUG_MH (Monochrome). We are very particular about selecting sensor for our systems and we always do a thorough examination of the systems that we use. The See3CAM_10CUG_MH camera is good.

I had lots of questions regarding USB 3.0 camera. The support team provided fast response and right to the point. The quality of support was very good.

When you are developing high end systems on a tight time schedule all the above points are very important.”

Trond Løke,
R&D Manager,
Norsk Elektro Optikk AS.

“I purchased a See3CAM_10CUG. It perfectly fills our need for a light weight camera module with high frame rates that can be used as a self-made stereo camera for localization applications.

I wanted support on capturing frames with opencv in Windows. I contacted e-con Systems through online chat and received response immediately. A dedicated support engineer responded to my queries expeditiously. Within a month's time, all my queries have been answered to my satisfaction.

I rate e-con System's service at 4.5 on 5. I am very happy, that the e-con service could help me with my issue, and quickly provided the new library file, so that we can now continue developing our application.”

Bjoern Sondermann,
Institute for Man-Machine Interaction,
RWTH Aachen University.
"The support from e-con's team has been very good and fast. From the day, we purchased the e-CAM32_OMAP_GSTIX camera board and till we got it working, it was a smooth ride and whenever there were little mistakes on our side, the support was on time and corrective. Great support and truly brilliant!"
Kevin Rodger

“We have purchased several cameras. They are high in quality and structure. My experience and every interaction I´ve had with e-con Systems has resulted in a great experience. The technical support team is really quick. The handling of logistics is very efficient.“

Asaf Cohen ,
Senior buyer ,
Purchasing Department, Unitronics.

“We bought e-CAM40_CUTK1. I recommend this board for two main features: its size and framerate - both of them were perfectly suitable to our needs. The board was easy to plug straight into the Jetson and it is extremely conducive for rapid testing and evaluation for the end product.

Support is very approachable, both on support ticket and web chat. They're very helpful. ”

R&D Engineer,
AGD Systems Ltd.
   Computer on Modules

“We were evaluating several other modules along with the eSOMiMX6 system on module. To evaluate the eSOMiMX6, we bought the Ankaa development kit. The platform has performed flawlessly and am very happy with the quality. What I liked about its features are - ease of setup, the ability to plug in capture modules and have them working right away. The fact that I could plug in and 'go' almost immediately, have been of great benefit.

I'd recommend e-con Systems' eSOMiMX6 because it is a very good quality product and with good support. Barring a few minor hiccups, my experience with the product and service has been very good. We will be launching our product based on the eSOMiMX6 soon.”

Per Hanssen,

“We are using the eSOM3730 as the core controller for a portable XRF Spectrometer module. This is just the first of probably many applications which we will employ the eSOM3730 (or even other eSOM modules)

We like econ products because they are great products. It is extremely user-friendly and designed to suit our needs.

Support for the WEC2013 is great because support issues have been addressed rapidly. Our mails were immediately responded with appropriate solutions. The support engineers are very knowledgeable and subject domain experts.

I feel confident that WEC2013 can be well supported by the e-con team.”

Chris Diamond,
Principal SW Engineer/Architect

“The quality of the ALMACH kit, the evaluation kit for the eSOM3730, is superb. We are very impressed with the technical support and the documentation we have received. Thanks for the excellent service!.”

Jim Bosdriesz,
Director ,

“We met e-con Systems when we were looking out for a Windows CE based COM vendor. We knew that they were Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold Partner.

Our intention was that the COM should have a stable and formidable BSP since our application is going to run on top of it. The eSOM300 Computer on module not only had a stable Windows CE BSP on top of it but also had good amount of hardware documentation which helped us engineer a carrier board to it quickly.

We had little time to finish the prototype. e-con Systems completely won us over with their dedicated & faster technical support and helped us reach the market quickly.

We are happy to haven chosen e-con Systems as our computer on module partner. I would readily recommend them & I wish to work with them in future projects also. ”

Manuel Dindakis,
Product Design Manager,
EMS Computers.

"After several discouraging attempts to develop a PXA300 platform for one of our products I tried the e-con Systems Alioth, a PXA300 reference design using eSOM300 module. I was pleasantly surprised when our software team had the development system operating the first day and our application up and running in several weeks. The few problems that we did experience were quickly resolved with the help of the e-con System technical support group.

I am very pleased with the e-con Systems products and support."

Robert Newmark,
Chief Engineer,
Skylink Technology, Inc.
"After reviewing many available evaluation systems, we purchased e-consystems' Windows CE 6.0 development kits for our next generation common platform products. e-consystems actively developed an understanding of our business, helping us evaluate the suitability of the kit for our needs. Subsequently, we incorporated the eSOM270 CPU card in our new common hardware platform for all our future smart instrumentation products. The kit and CPU cards for our pre-production prototypes were shipped promptly and without hassle.

e-consystems professional and competent support team always supplied detailed information and answered all technical questions promptly. The issues our team faced were speedily addressed and resolved in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the quality of e-consystems' product and the customer service offered. We look forward to having an on-going relationship with e-consystems as a product development partner."

Peter Pendlebury,
Research & Development Manager,
Pulsonic Technologies .
"The esom270 board has proven to be an excellent platform for customized GNU/Linux embedded system development. Being fully open source allows you to customize it to your exact needs, getting the best performance without increasing your budget.
Together with OpenEmbedded and Qt, this board has showed to be one of our better decisions for our products."
Lisandro D. N. Perez Meyer
Embedded Operative System Engineer
"I had chosen the eSOM270 Computer on module from e-con Systems after carefully analyzing about half a dozen vendors. Since this was a long term relationship, I was very clear in one thing that the module company which I choose should have a team that supports us on the development like carrier board schematics review, choosing of components and Windows CE debugging support. This I believe is more important than the cost perspective. e-con Systems fully satisfied the above criteria and we are delighted that we found them. Infact, the Regulus development kit was compact and we were able to conduct field trials with that before we even started with the development of the project."
Trinity Digisecure