Solectrix proFRAME Baseboard Cameras

e-con Systems now offers GMSL2 cameras that can be easily interfaced with the Solectrix proFRAME baseboard. These cameras bridge a crucial demand in the x86-based embedded vision space as more applications see them as best-fit imaging solutions.

Solectrix has developed the proFRAME Base Board 3.0 PCIe, which acts as a modular frame grabber system with a powerful FPGA for real-time data processing. This base board can support up to 8 GMSL2 cameras - using two adaptor boards - and transfer the data to the x86 platform via the PCIe interface.

e-con Systems' GMSL2 multi-camera solution also has features such as long-range support, high bandwidth, HDR, on-board high-performance ISP, external trigger support, LED flicker mitigation (LFM), etc. on in x86 systems. So, product developers can readily interface our GMSL2 camera with the proFRAME base board - retaining all the benefits of an x86 processor while still gaining these features.

This comprehensive and easy-to-upgrade solution meets evolving industry needs and user demand for applications such as (but not limited to):

  • Automotive systems
  • AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Surround View Systems
  • Smart Traffic Systems