e-con's Automated Sports Broadcasting and Analytics Cameras

e-con Systems offers a series of AI-driven automated sports broadcasting cameras tailored for enhanced live match streaming and post-game analysis. Our cameras are designed to capture fast-paced sports action with high frame rates, ensuring smooth and detailed footage even in dynamic environments. Available with optional IP67-rated housing and customizable enclosure designs, along with flexibility for custom sensor and lens integration, and active alignment implementation, our cameras are tailored to meet the diverse needs of sports broadcasting and analytics.

Our cameras are compatible with embedded processors such as NVIDIA, NXP, Qualcomm, etc., and support a variety of interfaces including USB, MIPI, Parallel, GMSL, Ethernet, and FPD Link III.


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  Key Imaging Requirements

180° & 360° Image Stitching
(Multi-camera support)

 Our multi-camera systems seamlessly stitch together images from multiple cameras, providing a complete panoramic view of the sports event, thereby enhancing both live broadcasts and post-game analysis.

High Resolution

 Capturing high-resolution images allows for detailed analysis and visualization, enabling zooming in on specific areas of the field for closer inspection.

Motorized Lens Support

 Remote control over lens focal length adjustment facilitates flexibility and adaptability during live broadcasts.

Active Lens Alignment

 Our cameras integrated with AA technology enables to deliver exceptional image quality and consistent performance. By reducing pixel offset, ensuring uniform sharpness, and improving mechanical tolerance, AA technology enhances the overall imaging experience, resulting in clearer and more precise footage.

ISP Fine Tuning

 Fine-tuning the ISP settings optimizes image quality under varying lighting conditions, ensuring clear and crisp footage.

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High Resolution
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