Monochrome Cameras

e-con Systems has designed a wide range of monochrome cameras that can perform exceptionally well in low-lighting conditions - with well-tuned monochrome algorithms. Our monochrome cameras are also designed to deliver high frame rates.

Over the years, we have customized and deployed cutting-edge monochrome cameras using sensors from Onsemi and OmniVision. With resolutions ranging from Full HD to 13MP, we offer rolling shutter and global shutter cameras with a high frame rate (up to 280 fps).

Our monochrome USB and MIPI cameras capture superior images with great details and sensitivity - making them suitable for embedded vision applications that need to detect objects, determine their shape, predict their direction, etc.

Our off-the-shelf monochrome cameras come equipped with a MIPI or USB interface. They can be interfaced with processors such as NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier/Xavier NX and other Linux/Windows-based systems. In addition, we provide software drivers for Linux and Windows for smooth and quick integration.

To understand why monochrome cameras have an advantage over color cameras in certain scenarios, and how they enhance the performance of medical microscopes, please give the below blog posts a read:

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