Infrared USB Cameras

e-con Systems' high performance IR USB cameras combine advanced sensor technology, capturing high-quality images in infrared regions. With enhanced IR sensitivity, our cameras are suitable for various applications including night vision and medical microscopes.

IR USB cameras include key imaging requirements such as global shutter, high QE, NIR sensitivity, expert ISP tuning, high frame rate. With all these advanced features, our camera capture images even in extremely low lighting conditions (0 lux), ensuring accurate color reproduction and sharpness.

The IR USB cameras offer plug-and-play functionality, making them easy to set up and use with any compatible device or platform.

e-con Systems provides superspeed RGB-IR USB camera for applications that require simultaneous visible and IR imaging. These cameras extract images in both RGB and IR spectrums easily without color corruption or requiring a mechanical switch. This ensures exceptional imaging performance in day and night conditions for seamless 24X7 image and video capture.

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Discover the full range of IR USB, RGB-IR USB and NIR USB cameras available at e-con Systems and find the perfect solution for your needs. With various variants and configurations to choose from, you can customize your setup to meet your specific requirements.