Cameras for Texas Instruments®

In collaboration with Texas Instruments® (TI), a leading semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, tests, and sells analog and embedded processing chips, and by leveraging its nearly two decades of experience in camera technology and embedded platforms, e-con Systems™ has designed a wide variety of camera modules that can be readily integrated with Texas Instruments' ARM-based processors.

This portfolio of camera modules compatible with TI's edge AI based processing platforms comes with a varied set of features such as high resolution, rolling shutter and global shutter, superior low light and NIR performance, etc.

e-con Systems' state-of-the-art cameras combined with TI's SoC (System-on-Chip) architecture built with integrated hardware accelerators - such as the deep learning accelerator, video decode/encode accelerator, vision processing accelerator, etc - will help customers build AI-based embedded vision devices for a wide range of industrial and retail applications including autonomous mobile robots, smart traffic systems, autonomous tractors, autonomous shopping systems, etc.

e-con Systems' high-quality cameras integrated with TI's SK-TDA4VM - TDA4VM processor starter kit - that comes with a small form factor and rich I/O functions will also help product developers build smart embedded devices for other intelligent video analytics applications faster, thereby reducing their time to market.

FPD-Link III Cameras

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