Cameras for Renesas

e-con Systems, a pioneer with over two decades of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing OEM cameras, has partnered with Renesas, a global leader in embedded design innovation. The Renesas RZ microprocessor series provides a robust platform for developing edge compute applications with significant power and thermal benefits. Our state-of-the-art cameras are specially designed for effortless integration with Renesas RZ/V2H, Renesas RZ/V2L and RZ/G2L processors - with a razor-sharp focus on energy efficiency.

Our camera solutions and the Renesas platform work together to serve a wide range of applications in a variety of industries that require an ideal power-to-performance ratio. These include cutting-edge applications like agriculture robots, self-checkout, intelligent traffic management systems, sports analytics systems and more.

Renesas RZ/V2H
Renesas RZ/V2L/G2L