NIR Cameras

NIR (Near-Infrared) cameras are designed to provide high sensitivity in low-light environments. They leverage a strong beam of infrared rays, ranging from 650nm to 950nm to give you the ability to achieve excellent imaging precision.

e-con Systems has developed, customized, and deployed world-class Near IR cameras using Sony, Onsemi, and OmniVision sensors. With resolutions ranging from Full HD to 13MP, we offer both Rolling Shutter and Global Shutter cameras with a high frame rate (280 fps).

Our cameras come equipped with superior NIR performance - making them suitable for embedded vision applications such as smart traffic monitoring, biometrics and access control systems, digital microscopes, etc.

To learn more about how cameras with superior NIR performance are utilized for retinal imaging, please visit the below article:

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Check out the below video to see how one of e-con's NIR cameras offers high quality images in the night in comparison with a camera that comes with sensitivity in the visible spectrum alone:

Sony STARVIS IMX462 camera with high NIR sensitivity Vs Camera with visible light sensitivity