Customized e-con Systems Cameras

Get your customization done right to accelerate your product's time to market

e-con Systems™ offers a wide range of camera solutions for Industrial, Medical & Life Sciences, Retail, Smart Cities, and many more market segments. Being a leading camera solutions provider, e-con understands that many a times off-the-shelf cameras are not sufficient to meet the unique requirements of a specific application.

To solve this challenge, our camera solutioning experts work on extensive hardware and software customization such as form factor customization, ISP tuning, lens fixation, custom driver development etc. This enables our customers to significantly reduce efforts on product integration and product deployment and helps achieve faster time to market.


Are You Looking for a Customized Camera?

If you are looking for a custom OEM camera, e-con Systems is the one-stop solution for you. e-con has experience in customizing cameras for a wide variety of products including quality inspection systems. autonomous mobile robots, dermatological applications, lab diagnostic devices, kiosks & digital signages, parking lot management systems etc. With more than 18 years of experience and expertise in embedded vision solutioning, e-con is the right camera partner for your customization needs.

camera customization

Why you need e-con Systems' customization services?


Saves your valuable time

Attempting to customize the camera to perfectly fit your application consumes a huge amount of time in your product development journey. At e-con, we make sure we travel with our customers by providing the necessary customization support to help reduce your product's time to market.


Increases productivity

We will own the integration of cameras into your products end to end including form factor customization, ISP tuning and all the necessary customization efforts. This way, you can increase your productivity as you get to focus on your core product development activities leaving all the camera related hassles to us.


Reduces production costs

We eliminate the difficulty in integrating a vision solution with your product's system architecture by making necessary tweaks to form factor, interface, drivers, etc. You benefit from our high-quality standards and reduce your production and development costs by shifting your efforts to our engineering and production teams.

What tweaks are made to hardware and software
to e-con’s custom camera?

We understand that off-the-shelf products may not fully meet your unique needs. Our hardware and software customization services take a granular approach to transforming default camera modules into best-fit solutions that match your every expectation.

Hardware customization

  •   Form factor customization
  •   Custom lens fixation
  •   Custom lens mount
  •   Interface connector orientation
  •   IP67 housing
  •   Integration of different filter
  •   Enclosure design

Software customization

  •   Camera driver development for multiple platforms
  •   Multiple camera integration and synchronization
  •   Image Quality / ISP tuning
  •   Custom resolution support
  •   Performance optimizations
  •   Custom application software

We specialize in

  • OEM and custom camera design/manufacturing
  • A global pioneer in delivering embedded vision solutions for nearly two decades
  • Experts in ISP tuning
  • FPGA-based cameras for unique custom solutions
  • Custom sensor/lens integration and alignment
  • GPIO/trigger customization
  • Customized cables
  • FCC Class B and CE certification requirements
  • Long-term availability
  • Three-year warranty
  • Pre-and post-sales engineering support for systems integration
  • SDK for Windows, Linux, Android, X86, and ARM-based platforms

Need custom OEM camera?

Meet all your expectations - no matter how unique. Let’s envision the perfect product together.