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Embedded Vision cameras

Embedded vision is transforming the way vision solutions are built. Cameras and processing platforms are constantly evolving to provide reliable and cost-effective embedded vision solutions across different industries.

With over 17 years of experience and being a pioneer in embedded vision, e-con Systems has the capability to build end-to-end camera solutions for embedded vision applications.

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We have a wide range of cameras that support various processors such as NVIDIA edge AI processors, NXP iMX series processors, Xilinx zynq-ultra scale, RockChip RK3399, Raspberry Pi, and Google Coral platforms.

Our embedded vision cameras can be deployed in a wide range of applications, ranging from manufacturing to medical, and traffic monitoring to agricultural automation.

As a leading global manufacturer of embedded vision cameras, we offer out-of-the-box embedded cameras solution for a wide range of markets such as Industries, Agriculture & fisheries, Smart cities, Medical & Sciences, Retail, Biometric & Access control, and Education, sports & entertainment.