Embedded Vision cameras

Edge AI and embedded vision technology are revolutionizing the way machines see. And e-con Systems is at the forefront of this revolution. e-con offers a wide range of embedded vision cameras that includes MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, stereo cameras, etc. with resolution ranging from 1MP to 20MP. These cameras are designed to work with high-end processors like NVIDIA® Jetson™, NXP i.MX8, Rockchip, Raspberry Pi 4, Google coral, Xilinx, etc. e-con's cameras also come with features like a global shutter, HDR, low light performance, IP-rated enclosures, and more.

e-con Systems has built over 250 product solutions for applications such as smart traffic management, autonomous mobile robots, retail kiosks, medical diagnostic devices, quality inspection systems, and more. e-con leverages its deep technical expertise to customize its camera hardware and software to ensure you get the best-fit camera smoothly integrated into your products.

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