Cameras for Advantech Embedded AI Platforms

e-con Systems, renowned for its two-decade expertise in custom and off-the-shelf camera solutions, has partnered with Advantech. Our advanced GMSL cameras seamlessly integrate with Advantech's industrial AI Inference systems, presenting a powerful solution tailored for AI vision applications. Advantech's industrial AI Inference system- MIC-733-AO, powered by NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin technology, achieves remarkable AI performance of up to 275 TOPs. This advanced system is equipped with an array of versatile I/O interfaces for 5G/4G connectivity, and it also accommodates diverse video inputs, including 2 x GMSL cameras.

Our GMSL cameras utilize the GMSL interface to transmit video data over extended distances and enable the seamless integration of multiple cameras in a single Jetson system. This creates efficient and comprehensive solutions, enhanced by features such as HDR, IP67-rated enclosures with antifogging capability, global shutter and rolling shutter, LED flicker mitigation, and external trigger support for synchronized multi-camera streaming and sensor fusion.

The e-con's GMSL cameras and MIC-733-AO deliver robust vision capabilities, ideal for enhancing navigation and obstacle avoidance in AGV/AMR applications, thereby enhancing industrial performance.