Since 2003, e-con Systems has been addressing the embedded camera needs of different types of markets across the world. Over the years, we have 'been there and done that' with consistency and commitment to accelerating product development that, in turn, create world-class industry experiences.

Markets we serve

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Leverage e-con Systems™ Stereo Vision technology, HDR & GMSL2 cameras to enable your Warehouse Robots, Service Robots perform Autonomous navigation, Obstacle detection, visual SLAM and many more functionalities.

Autonomous Shopping

Create futuristic automated checkout processes with vision-based computing systems; monitor and automate the complete shopping experience, including the checkout journey.

Point of Care Devices

Build portable, high-precision, and affordable point-of-care devices that achieve lab-quality results within minutes with our wide range of cameras to improve the effectiveness of POC testing and patient care.

Smart Traffic

Use AI-powered vision solutions on the edge to detect pedestrians or vehicles, instantly make smart decisions, identify traffic violators, and more.

Autonomous Agriculture & Smart Farming

Perform auto-farming across a variety of lighting conditions and add vision power to your operations – even in challenging conditions.

Sports Broadcasting & Analytics

Reimagine how AI-powered sports cameras can improve player efficiency, create more compelling narratives for audiences, and create sustainable team impact.

Life Sciences

Develop world-class life science equipment by integrating high-quality cameras with low noise, superior sensitivity, and high resolution and frame rate.

Ophthalmic Fundus Camera

Choosing the right camera module for fundus/retinal imaging has to be done meticulously. The quality of the device is highly dependent on the camera used.