Since 2003, e-con Systems has been addressing the embedded camera needs of different types of markets across the world. Over the years, we have 'been there and done that' with consistency and commitment to accelerating product development that, in turn, create world-class industry experiences.

Markets we serve


Enable vision in your Industrial Devices by adding camera modules. Data Collection, Automation, Quality Inspection and many other applications demand high quality and reliable camera modules.

Agriculture & Fisheries

Perform auto-farming across a variety of lighting conditions and add vision power to your fish farming operations – even in challenging underwater conditions.

Smart cities

Find the right embedded camera solution for smarter Surveillance, efficient Parking lot Management and Smart Traffic Management systems.

Medical & Life Sciences

Meet your medical imaging requirements in ophthalmology, dentistry, assistive technology, Point-of-Care testing, dermatology, and a lot more.


Give your customers a futuristic experience, powered by embedded vision - from retail kiosks and smart checkouts/carts to retail store automation.

Biometrics & Access Control

Enable effective and secure and biometric-based border control measures, with high-performance cameras that can be integrated with AI/ML technologies.

Education, Sports & Entertainment

Stay two steps ahead of the competition in meeting the needs of your modern customers, whether through sports broadcasting or smart classrooms, with vision power.