High-performance camera solution for
new age life science equipment

Many new-age life science equipment such as digital microscopes, spectrophotometers, blood analyzers, and automated liquid handling systems require cameras to automate tasks such as cell counting, blood analysis, sample preparation, etc. These embedded cameras capture images to identify color, check sample placement, and detect the presence of unwanted substances in the sample (like bubbles). This way, cameras help life science practitioners and lab assistants improve the accuracy of diagnosis, speed of testing, and ease of handling samples. Camera-enabled life science devices require specialized camera solutions to deliver the desired level of performance.

Laboratory camera

Key imaging requirements

High sensitivity and SNR

High sensitivity in the visible
and NIR spectrum

Small form factor

Low noise

High Resolution

High resolution
and frame rate

Medical Laboratory Equipment Camera Case Study

How e-con Systems™ helped a global leader add vision power in their next-gen automated analyzer.

How e-con Systems helped a top US based life sciences tech provider use a custom 5 MP camera to build spectrophotometer devices.

Spectrophotometer Case Study

What e-con Systems™ offers

e-con Systems offers cutting-edge camera solutions for life science devices with features such as high resolution, finetuned ISP, excellent low light performance, global shutter, good NIR sensitivity, and high frame rate. These cameras come with a maximum resolution of 18MP with the ability to capture images at a maximum frame rate of 200 FPS. e-con doesn’t follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach to finding cameras for different kinds of life science equipment. Rather, we leverage close to two decades of camera expertise to pick the right off-the-shelf camera from our wide portfolio and customize it to meet the application’s unique requirements.

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