Power assisted medical devices with
top-of-the-line vision solutions

Assistive devices are used to reduce or rehabilitate physical or cognitive impairments. It improves the quality of life of the users. Cameras play an important role in many such assistive devices as there is some level of assistive cognitive requirements of such devices or some kind of automation is required. Mostly the images acquired are processed and consumed by image processing algorithms on the device.

Assistive Technology

Key imaging requirements

High resolution and High frame rates

High resolution and
high frame rates

Low light sensitivity with reduced noise

Low light sensitivity
with reduced noise

Camera control - contrast, brightness, gain, etc.

Camera control - contrast,
brightness, gain, etc.

Reduced power consumption

Reduced power

Assistive Technology Case Study

See how e-con Systems™ enhanced a low-vision aid device for a leading solution provider.

What e-con Systems™ offers

The assistive device market is rapidly progressing with advancement in technology enabling the creation of better innovative devices. With that innovation comes new designs and developments which require quick prototyping, proof of concepts, readily integrated hardware and software for vision processing, etc.

As an end-to-end imaging solution provider e-con Systems™ has camera sensor modules, dev kits for interfacing with industry leading processing platforms, device drivers and software that can be readily used for assistive device development. Also, many assistive devices require depth measurement, position measurement combined with imaging and e-con Systems™ has special stereo vision cameras and other depth solutions that can be combined with the camera hardware.

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Patient Care

Our cutting-edge camera solutions help medical device manufacturers to enable healthcare providers and practitioners new ways to examine, diagnose, monitor, and treat patients with limited resources


Leverage our wide portfolio of global shutter and ERS cameras, with high efficiency at visible and NIR spectral regions, for your ophthalmic devices.

Laboratory Equipment

Support superior-quality video and image capture at high frame rates and high resolution in applications like Digital Microscopy and Automated Analyzers while reducing time-to-market for your products.


Use our high-sensitivity cameras, with excellent color reproduction, that provide uniform exposure to perform affordable and efficient dental imaging.


Meet your digital images in dermatology, with high-end cameras that offer excellent color reproduction and image sharpness at close distance, with enhancement algorithms.

Point of Care Devices

Build portable, high-precision, and affordable point-of-care devices that achieve lab-quality results within minutes with our wide range of cameras to improve the effectiveness of POC testing and patient care.

Ophthalmic Fundus Camera

Choosing the right camera module for fundus/retinal imaging has to be done meticulously. The quality of the device is highly dependent on the camera used.