UVC USB Camera Modules

The UVC USB camera modules can be used with most operating systems, such as Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and others. The USB3 Vision standard interface of USB makes it easy to integrate camera modules into any hardware device (PC, Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Nano/TX2 NX/Xavier NX/AGX Xavier, AGX Orin etc.). Furthermore, since USB camera modules don't require any additional driver installation, the camera can be automatically detected and read by the host. Also, the UVC camera module's backward compatibility feature allows a recent version (e.g., USB 3.0/3.1/3.2) to operate with a device that uses an older version (e.g., USB 2.0).

USB 3.0 Cameras
USB 2.0 Cameras

e-con Systems™ provides a wide range of USB camera modules with different image sensors to capture and record from VGA to 16MP. They include:

  • Sony IMX sensors : : ISX031, IMX264, IMX568, IMX715, IMX412, IMX415, IMX462, IMX477, IMX485, IMX290, IMX298, IMX317, IMX327
  • OmniVision sensors : OV2311, OV2312, OV5640.
  • Onsemi sensors : AR2020, AR0830, AR0234, AR1335, AR0521, AR0233, AR0341, AR0230, AR1820, AR0821, AR0330, MT9V024.

Our USB UVC camera modules can be customized to suit all your imaging needs without compromising quality and performance. Our cameras also come equipped with plug-and-play capability - making them suitable for embedded vision applications such as smart signages, airport & retail store kiosks, medical devices, security/surveillance systems, and more.