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e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD - 2MP Wide temperature Range Industrial grade HDR Camera

e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD is a 2MP high performance, HDR Camera Module with excellent low light performance. It is based on AR0230AT CMOS Image sensor from ON Semiconductor®. It has an ability to stream seamlessly at wide temperature range (-40 to 105°C) which is suitable for Automotive application. It has S-mount (M12) lens holder which allows customers to choose and use the lens according to their requirement.

e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD has a dedicated, high-performance Image Signal Processor chip (ISP) that performs the entire Auto functions (Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure control).

Key Features of AR0230AT wide temparature range HDR Camera Module

  • 2MP Colour camera with parallel interface
  • 1/2.7" Optical format CMOS Image sensor
  • 16 bits of UYVY data per pixel
  • S-mount (M12) lens holder for flexibility to choose a lens as per application requirements
  • LED Control signals and STROBE output signal for firing the illumination LED or mechanical shutter.
  • Maximum Image Transfer Rate*
  • Resolutions UYVY (NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX1)
    640x480 60 fps
    1280X720 45 fps
    1920x1080 30 fps
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40°C to 105°C (Industrial grade temperature range.)
  • Power consumption: about 700mW while streaming 1080p @ 30fps
  • Size : 30mm x 30mm (Height depends on the Lens)
  • Board Weight: 6.5 Grams
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Launched on:launch date
  • * - The maximum frame rate depends on the application processor ability to read the camera image, decode and display, in addition to the ambient light of the scene
  • Sensor : 1/2.7" Optical format CMOS Image sensor
  • Focus Type : Fixed focus
  • Resolution : 2MP
  • Sensor type : 16 bits of UYVY data per pixel
  • Pixel size : 3.0μm x 3.0μm
  • Sensor Active Area : 1928H x 1088V
  • Responsivity : 4 V/lux-sec
  • SNR : 41 dB
  • Dynamic Range : Max upto 105 dB Output
  • Format : Uncompressed UYVY format
  • Shutter Type : Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • ISP : On-board high performance ISP
  • Array Size : 1928 x 1088 pixels
  • FOV : 128°(D) [with the default lens provided by e-con]

Download e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD Documents:

pdf e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD - 2MP Automotive grade HDR Camera module Datasheet

Download Evaluation Kit (See3CAM_CU20) Documents:

pdf See3CAM_CU20 - Wide temperature range HDR USB3.1 Gen1 Camera Board Documents

Download 2MP HDR Jetson TX2/TX1 Camera Board Documents:

pdf e-CAM20_CUTX2 - 2MP HDR Jetson TX2/TX1 Camera Board Documents

Evaluation Kit:

PC Solution

See3CAM_CU20 - 2MP HDR Custom Lens USB 3.0 Camera

Customers, who own platforms that support USB 3.0 and are interested in evaluating the 2MP USB camera module, can directly buy the See3CAM_CU20 from e-con Systems. Customers can order See3CAM_CU20 with/without lens.

Buy online

Excluding Shipment Charges

ARM Based Solution (NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX1 based Development Kit)

e-CAM20_CUTX2 - 2MP HDR MIPI Camera Board (Requires NVIDIA TX2/TX1 based Jetson DevKit):

The MIPI Camera daughter card (e-CAM20_CUTX2) can be bought by customers choosing to evaluate the e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD camera solution with a direct interface on the NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX1 Development Kit.

Customers interested in customizing the same camera module or planning to use a different camera/sensor module can contact sales@e-consystems.com and explain their requirement.

e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD - Customization and Porting Services for other Application Processor platforms:

e-con Systems provides camera driver development, customization and porting services for e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD on any application platform as per customer requirements. For any driver customization or porting services or for using this 2MP camera with your application processor platform, please contact sales@e-consystems.com along with your requirements details.

e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD – Customization

e-con provides customization, development and porting services for the following requirements:

  • PCB form-factor customization for any shape, connector and orientation
  • Lens holder customization for C/CS mount lens holder
  • Driver development for OS: Linux
  • Interfacing with any Application Processor : NVIDIA TX1/TX2, Any other processor with ISP
  • Additional camera customization based on specific requirement

Please contact sales@e-consystems.com with your customization requirements.