FPD-Link III Cameras

FPD-Link III is one of the most popular interfaces used in embedded vision for long-distance transmission. e-con systems™' FPD-Link III series of cameras called NeduCAM aims to help product developers leverage the full potential of the interface by providing cameras that can be readily integrated with a wide variety of edge AI platforms including Texas Instruments SK-TDA4VM, NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, and AGX Xavier.

These FPD-Link cameras enable the transfer of high-definition video as well as a bidirectional control channel over a low-cost cable - either twisted pair or coax. The flexibility of FPD link coaxial cable and the ability to carry video data and power in a single cable - up to a distance of 15m - with low latency make this series of cameras suitable for long-distance applications such as autonomous mobile robots & other autonomous vehicles, agricultural robots, self-checkout systems, etc.

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