It's time for your Smart Checkouts
to see and think out of the box

The future automated checkout system is totally different from traditional cash counter checkout systems. Customers can walk into a store, pick what they want to buy and then walk out again - without any interaction with staff or a checkout - and be automatically charged for their purchases. Since customer identification, tracking and product recognition are major parts of the process, your choice of the camera is crucial.

Key imaging requirements

Good colour reproduction

Good colour

High dynamic range

High dynamic

Sharp images for better details

Sharp images for
better details

Field-of-view and depth-of-field

Field-of-view and

Smart Camera Case Study

See how e-con Systems™ gave vision power to a retail store automation for a leading client.

What e-con Systems™ offers

e-con Systems™ offers ARM-based cameras that are compatible with the vision processor interface, with edge level processing for carts, Wi-Fi streaming, and more. Detect and recognize product details and get real-time customer information to not just automate the checkout experience, but also to accelerate the shopping journey for the customer.

  • Backed by readymade AU SDKs from VisAI Labs, the Computer Vision division of e-con Systems™
  • NVIDIA Support with Device Drivers and optimized software
  • Wide dynamic range

Explore our retail markets

Retail Kiosks

Reinvent the retail experience with vision-based kiosk technology and offer advanced personalization like selling based on shopping habits and extending customer service.

Retail Store Automation

Meet key imaging solution parameters in retail applications like vending machines, stock filling/delivery robots, and shelf inspection systems with cutting-edge camera solutions.