High-Speed USB Cameras

What are High-Speed USB Cameras?

High-Speed USB Cameras have a High Frame Rate and High resolution – with inbuilt processing for superior image sharpness and accurate color reproduction. They can be easily plugged in and played on both Windows and Linux – without requiring additional device drivers. These UVC-compliant cameras can also work with standard Windows (DirectShow) and Linux (V4L2) software.

Why Are High-Speed USB Cameras Important?

High-Speed USB Cameras are highly recommended for embedded vision applications that require high speed and performance while capturing images and transferring data. Since these cameras don't require additional drivers, they can be directly connected to any UVC-compliant device.

High-Speed USB Cameras are popularly used in embedded vision devices such as quality inspection systems, robots, and more.

High-Speed USB Cameras by e-con Systems

e-con Systems partners with the world's leading sensor technology providers like Sony, onsemi, and OmniVision to develop, customize, and deploy cutting-edge high-speed USB cameras. Our wide portfolio of high-speed USB cameras ranges from 2 MP to 16 MP resolution and can stream up to 816 fps.

Our off-the-shelf high-speed cameras come equipped with a USB interface and can be interfaced with processors such as NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier/Xavier NX and other Linux/Windows-based systems.

Our Key Differentiator

e-con Systems' key differentiator is our ability to offer extensive customization services to ensure our camera solutions meet your application's unique requirements. These include form factor changes, interface connector customization, lens mount modifications, enclosure design, etc. Our wide high-speed USB camera portfolio also provides the gamut of features your device may need. In addition, we ensure smooth and quick integration by providing software drivers for Linux and Windows.