Syslogic Cameras

e-con Systems has partnered with Syslogic, a leading tech company in the embedded industry focused on digitalization. This new partnership fosters better collaboration between the two companies to bring to life new AI-based solutions by integrating e-con's embedded cameras and Syslogic's NVIDIA-based rugged AI boxes.

e-con Systems, being an elite partner to NVIDIA, has over the years developed unrivaled expertise on the NVIDIA platform side with its cameras compatible with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, AGX Xavier, Xavier NX, TX2 NX, and Nano. e-con's cameras will now be compatible with Syslogic's AI Rugged Computer RML A3N GMSL (based on Jetson Xavier NX) and RPC/RML - A3 Industrial IP67 Jetson AGX Xavier Computer. These cameras come with features such as HDR, GMSL2 interface, rugged IP67 enclosure, global shutter, LED flicker mitigation, etc.

e-con cameras for Syslogic