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How High-Resolution Cameras Help Maximize Soccer Broadcasting Efficiency

The easy integration of high-resolution cameras is changing the game for soccer clubs of all sizes. Find out about the benefits of these best-fit cameras and their key parameters. Also discover e-con Systems' e-CAM200, a high-res 5K camera based on onsemi’s AR2020 sensor.

How High-Resolution Cameras Help Maximize Soccer Broadcasting Efficiency

Soccer, passionately followed by fans of local amateur clubs and those of prominent leagues across Europe, holds a special place in the hearts of millions. It rings especially true for supporters of grassroots football, where local teams and community clubs further spread the sport’s widespread appeal. However, soccer broadcasting at the amateur and local club levels often encounters many challenges. These include limited camera angles and coverage, a lack of real-time analysis, and other constraints that can diminish the viewing experience for fans of these community-centered teams.

In this blog, you’ll explore how easy integration of high-resolution cameras is changing the game for soccer clubs of all sizes, its benefits, and key parameters that influence broadcasting. You’ll also learn about e-con Systems’ e-CAM200, a high-resolution 5K camera based on the powerful AR2020 sensor from onsemi that is perfect for soccer broadcasting.

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Why high-resolution cameras are crucial in soccer broadcasting

Embedded vision found its way to the game of soccer around 3-5 years ago, helping automate the image and video capturing process. It empowers even local tournaments with access to camera technology previously reserved for major league games. In particular, high-resolution cameras are a key part of this evolution, as they bring the desired imaging quality.

High-resolution is a key camera feature in soccer broadcasting for capturing detailed visuals of fast-moving plays. It’s why high-resolution cameras like e-con Systems’ e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD, a 20 MP camera based around the AR2020 image sensor, are important for several reasons.

Exceptional image clarity

Firstly, the sheer size of a soccer field demands cameras that can capture wide shots without losing detail. The high pixel count of 20MP high-resolution cameras also allows for exceptional zoom capabilities without the loss of image quality. So, they help maintain image clarity over vast areas, ensuring that every part of the action is visible and distinct. The superior image quality enables broadcasters to deliver a clear view of the game to viewers while delivering slow-motion replays with insights into on-field events.

Moreover, the fast-paced nature of soccer, with quick movements and sudden changes in play, demands a camera system that can keep up without blurring or losing focus. High-resolution cameras can capture high-speed action with clarity, making it a breeze for viewers to follow the game and for broadcasters to analyze plays.

Plus, this can also be beneficial for tracking players from a long distance. As players are often spread across a large field, being able to zoom in and identify players based on their jerseys or actions is extremely useful. This capability enhances the broadcasting experience by providing clearer and more detailed images, even when zoomed in. 

Multi-camera stitching

Effective soccer broadcasting involves merging feeds from multiple cameras to create a unified, panoramic view of the soccer field. Hence, the integration of high-resolution cameras for multi-camera stitching is crucial. The high resolution of each camera ensures that, when stitched together, the resulting image is seamless and detailed. This is important in capturing the full scope of the game, allowing viewers to see the positioning and movements of all players on the field simultaneously.

High FPS

Utilizing high-resolution cameras capable of capturing high Frames Per Second (FPS) ensures that fast-paced action is captured with smooth motion. When combined with high resolution, the result is exceptionally clear and fluid imagery, vital for capturing the essence of the game during instant replays, slow-motion highlights, and analysis.

Wider FoV

These cameras are also renowned for their ability to cover a wider Field of View (FoV). In soccer broadcasting, a wide FoV is important to capture the entirety of the play area. Cameras with a wider FoV reduce the need for constant panning and zooming, thereby minimizing disruptions in the viewing experience and ensuring a continuous and immersive coverage of the game.

Superior post-production capabilities

Finally, high-resolution cameras enable better post-production analysis. It allows for enhanced zoom and cropping without compromising on the details. This can be a key factor in player performance analysis and tactical assessments.

Introducing e-con Systems’ e-CAM200, powered by onsemi’s AR2020 sensor

onsemi’s AR2020 sensor represents a leap in the evolution of high-resolution cameras. This sensor with Nvidia AGX ORIN ISP has superior image processing capabilities, including great low-light performance. It has led toe-con Systems introducing e-CAM200_CUOAGX – a 20 MP camera with Nvidia AGX Orin.

This module stands out for its ability to maintain a high frame rate at 20MP resolution, even when multiple cameras are connected simultaneously. It’s an advanced 5K camera that is fully compatible with several NVIDIA® platforms, including Jetson AGX Orin™, Jetson Orin™ NX, and Jetson Orin Nano™, as well as the Qualcomm® Robotics RB5.

e-CAM200_CUOAGX is also enhanced by our experience in ISP tuning, ensuring optimal image processing on these platforms. The module offers versatility with its support for interfaces like USB, GMSL, and MIPI. Other key features of e-con Systems’ e-CAM200 are:

  • 20MP high-resolution: Image capture with remarkable clarity at 5K resolution, detecting even tiny objects from long distances
  • ISP expertise: Backed by deep experience in ISP fine-tuning (for NVIDIA® Jetson and Qualcomm® platforms)
  • Synchronized multi-camera support: Support for up to four cameras, delivering 180° and 360° FoV coverage
  • Low-light performance: Great image quality in extremely low-light conditions of <1 lux, showcasing a remarkable 60% QE in the NIR spectrum

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