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e-con Systems’ 20MP High Resolution Camera: Redefining Imaging Excellence

There's a rising demand for superior imaging as industries advance with technology. Introducing e-con’s revolutionary 20MP e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD camera based on the AR2020 Sensor, effortlessly capturing every tiny detail in high resolution. Explore its top key features and diverse applications.

e-con Systems™ launches e-CAM200: 20MP (5K) High-Resolution Multi-Camera Redefining Imaging Excellence

The demand for OEM cameras with high resolution capabilities is on the rise. As this expands, so do the possibilities of data analysis and measurement accuracy. With more data points captured per image, researchers can go deeper into their observations and make more informed decisions. In fields like surveillance, industrial inspection, etc., larger imaging areas become accessible, allowing for a broader scope of information and enhanced situational awareness.

The capabilities of higher resolution OEM cameras are not limited to capturing static images. They empower industries like robotics, machine vision, and autonomous vehicles, providing the vision necessary to drive innovation and efficiency.

In this blog, we’ll explore the exceptional features of e-con Systems’ new 20MP e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD camera, built around the AR2020 Sensor. We’ll also learn about the architecture of e-con Systems’ 20MP MIPI, GMSL2, and USB variants cameras.

Introducing e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD – 20MP High Resolution AR2020 Sensor Camera

e-con Systems is gearing up to launch the e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD –20MP, a high resolution camera based on the AR2020 image sensor from onsemi’s Hyperlux LP family. It is designed to deliver exceptional image quality, achieving a high frame rate at 20MP, even with multiple cameras connected to the platform. This high-performance 5K camera seamlessly interfaces with NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™, Jetson Orin™ NX, Jetson Orin Nano™, and Qualcomm® Robotics RB5. It leverages e-con Systems’ decades of ISP fine-tuning expertise, ensuring perfect image processing on these platforms. It also comes with support for USB, GMSL and MIPI interfaces.

Competitive differentiators of e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD by e-con Systems

Let’s explore what makes the e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD 5K camera by e-con Systems unique. Here are the top key features:

20MP High Resolution for Unparalleled Detail

e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD employs the advanced AR2020 Sensor, enabling image capture with remarkable clarity at 5K resolution, essential to detect even tiny objects from long distances. This AR2020 sensor is a stacked CMOS active-pixel digital image sensor with a 1/1.8-inch size and a back-illuminated (BSI) architecture. It features a pixel array of 5120Hx3840V (including border pixels) and comes with an improved near-infrared (NIR) response. The AR2020 supports MIPI serial output, which can be configured in 1×1, 1×2, 1×4, and 2×4 lanes using D−PHY.

Let us now understand the technical details of AR2020 sensors.

Model name AR2020
Number of effective pixels 5120H x 3840V
Resolution 20MP
Optical Format 1/1.8−inch
Chief Ray angle (CRA) 13°
Frame rate (Full Size, Linear Mode) 60 fps (MIPIx2), 30 fps (MIPIx1)
Module Interface MIPI D−PHY − 2×4 Lanes
Chromatics Color
Shutter Type Rolling shutter
Sensor Technology Stacked BSI Technology
Operating temperature range −30°C to +85°C

Expert ISP Fine-Tuning for Superior Image Quality

Image Signal Processing (ISP) plays a key role in achieving high-quality image output for your applications. With decades of experience in ISP fine-tuning, e-con Systems has excelled in customizing the host ISP for both NVIDIA® Jetson and Qualcomm® platforms. This precisely tuned ISP ensures high-image quality output, capturing every detail, enhancing dynamic range, and reducing noise.

Multi-Camera Support

e-con Systems’ 20MP camera offers synchronized multi-camera solutions supporting up to four cameras on your platform. This multi-camera setup delivers 180° and 360° Field of View (FoV) coverage with enhanced resolution and reduced lens distortions. It seamlessly integrates high-resolution imaging in diverse applications like drones and sports broadcasting. For instance, the Qualcomm RB5 processor paired with e-con Systems’ multi-camera solution enables drones to connect up to 4 cameras, capturing multiple perspectives in synchronized feeds.

Advanced Low-Light Performance

Camera performance in low-light scenarios is often a tricky hurdle to overcome, yet this exceptional camera effortlessly tackles this challenge. This high-performance camera achieves exceptional image quality, even in extremely low-light conditions of <1 lux, while showcasing a remarkable 60% Quantum Efficiency (QE) in the NIR spectrum. This feature opens up new possibilities for security surveillance, ANPR and other industrial applications.

Shutter Efficiency Enhancement with GRR

The e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD is equipped with the Global Reset Release (GRR) feature, addressing rolling shutter artifacts commonly encountered in cameras. In general, the rolling shutter cameras capture images by scanning the scene row by row, which can lead to distortions in fast-moving scenes. The GRR feature eliminates this distortion by synchronizing the reset of all rows simultaneously, ensuring that all rows are exposed to the scene simultaneously.

By employing GRR, rolling shutter sensors replicate the behavior of global shutter sensors during the image acquisition of objects in motion. This feature significantly enhances image quality and ensures the capture of critical moments.

To learn more about the GRR feature, refer to What is Global Reset Release? How does it work in e-con Systems’cameras?

A deep look into the architecture of e-con Systems’ 20MP MIPI, GMSL2 and USB Variants Cameras

e-con Systems’ new 20MP camera offers versatile interface options such as GMSL, MIPI, and USB, providing seamless integration capabilities for a wide range of applications. As discussed earlier, it is compatible with different platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson and Qualcomm Robotics RB5. Notably, the camera module’s compatibility with the M12 lens holder adds a layer of adaptability to its design, catering to varied applications.

MIPI Variant

e-con Systems developed a single module that acts as a base camera module upon which a variety of product combinations can be built with interfaces such as USB, MIPI, and GMSL. This baseboard can be directly mated with the NVIDIA Jetson or Qualcomm.

Let us look at the block diagram of the MIPI variant.

AR2020 Sensor based MIPI Camera Block Diagram

Figure 4: AR2020 Sensor based MIPI Camera Block Diagram

GMSL Variant

The MIPI module’s versatility extends to the GMSL variant, facilitated by the serializer and deserializer adaptor boards compatible with Jetson and Qualcomm RB5 platforms. This flexibility allows for multi-camera synchronization, catering to complex scenarios where multiple perspectives are critical. This synchronization ensures that the cameras capture the exact same moment, enabling the system to obtain a complete and synchronized view of the scene or subject.

Let us look at the block diagram of the GMSL2 variant.

AR2020 Sensor based GMSL Camera Block Diagram

Figure 5: AR2020 Sensor based GMSL Camera Block Diagram

USB Variant

The USB variant comes equipped with an FPGA option, serving as an ISP. This module seamlessly interfaces with the FX3 USB baseboard developed by e-con Systems. Moreover, the sensor module board offers the convenience of mounting flash memory, allowing it to store the FX3 and FPGA’s boot data and firmware, as illustrated in the block diagram below.

AR2020 Sensor based USB Camera Block Diagram

Figure 6: AR2020 Sensor based USB Camera Block Diagram

With its high resolution, enhanced low-light capabilities, versatile platform compatibility, exceptional NIR performance, and more, the cameras/camera modules developed by e-con Systems are perfect for drones, autonomous sports broadcasting and analytics, skin analyzer, fundus imaging, whole slide imaging, OCR, inventory scanning, and digital twin.

Explore our portfolio of 20MP cameras:

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