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Why AR2020-based cameras are perfect for OCR enablement in warehouse automation

Gomathi Sankar
Warehouse automation is on the rise due to the demand for speed and accuracy. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is a huge part of this change, considering how many businesses are using it. Find out how embedded camera solutions with OCR capabilities are integrated into conveyor belts to push the...
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Understanding the Impact of Embedded Vision on Patient Rehabilitation

Balaji S
Patient rehabilitation is a comprehensive process aimed at restoring or improving an individual's physical, mental, or functional abilities after illness, injury, or surgery. It encompasses a range of therapies and interventions tailored to address specific impairments and challenges faced by patients. This blog explores how advanced camera features enabled by...
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Enhancing Precision Agriculture with 20MP High-Resolution Cameras for Weed and Bug Detection

Gomathi Sankar
Precision agriculture techniques have grown exponentially in the last decade due to the ever-advancing camera technologies. In this blog, we explore how a 20MP high-resolution AR2020 sensor-powered camera and its functionality help enhance precision agriculture techniques such as weed and bug detection methods....
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How High-Resolution Cameras Help Maximize Soccer Broadcasting Efficiency

Ranjith Kumar
The easy integration of high-resolution cameras is changing the game for soccer clubs of all sizes. Find out about the benefits of these best-fit cameras and their key parameters. Also discover e-con Systems' e-CAM200, a high-res 5K camera based on onsemi’s AR2020 sensor....
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e-con Systems’ 20MP High Resolution Camera: Redefining Imaging Excellence

Suresh Madhu
There's a rising demand for superior imaging as industries advance with technology. Introducing e-con’s revolutionary 20MP e-CAM200_CUMI2020C_MOD camera based on the AR2020 Sensor, effortlessly capturing every tiny detail in high resolution. Explore its top key features and diverse applications....