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How e-CAM56_CUOAGX equips ALPR applications with new-age vision capabilities

Suresh Madhu
In this blog, you’ll get expert insights on the crucial features provided by e-CAM56_CUOAGX, e-con Systems’ latest camera. These features can be crucial for ALPR applications....
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What are the Key Camera Features of Warehouse Automation Drones?

Gomathi Sankar
Warehouse automation drones require advanced camera vision sensors and technologies to ensure efficient performance. Enhancing the navigation accuracy and decision-making capabilities of warehouse drones can be achieved by incorporating appropriate camera features into their embedded systems. This blog discusses the essential camera features that enable high-performance warehouse automation drones....
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Understanding the Impact of Embedded Vision on Patient Rehabilitation

Balaji S
Patient rehabilitation is a comprehensive process aimed at restoring or improving an individual's physical, mental, or functional abilities after illness, injury, or surgery. It encompasses a range of therapies and interventions tailored to address specific impairments and challenges faced by patients. This blog explores how advanced camera features enabled by...
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How cameras and AI take remote patient monitoring to the next level

Balaji S
Remote patient monitoring is one of the key applications in the medical space where cameras and AI are changing the way in which care is delivered. Check out this article to learn how the two technologies work together to make life easier for patients and caregivers....
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Handling frame corruption in Linux for high-resolution imaging

Vinoth Rajagopalan
Frame corruption has proven to affect the imaging quality in smart surveillance, digital microscopes, document scanners, and industrial handhelds. Have a detailed look into how frame corruption occurs in USB devices and how to fix it in Linux....