NIR Cameras

Optics Technology Deep Dive

What is an IR-cut filter – and why do embedded vision applications need it?

Prabu Kumar
An IR-cut filter is a mechanical shutter that blocks or delivers light in the IR spectrum to enable true color reproduction. Learn how an IR-cut filter works and why your embedded vision application might need it....
Optics Sensor and ISP Technology Deep Dive

What is NIR imaging and how do NIR cameras work?

Prabu Kumar
NIR imaging has a unique sensitivity profile to project distant objects with a clear vision and are particularly useful in night vision applications. Go backstage on NIR imaging and understand the role of NIR cameras in embedded vision applications....
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Key factors that you must consider before buying an Near Infrared camera

Prabu Kumar
Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging is growing in demand around the globe, with a focus on product quality improvement and production rationalization. Some of its popular use cases include night vision surveillance, industrial image processing, spectroscopy, food inspection, etc. This has led to the explosion of several NIR cameras in the market......