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What is NIR imaging and how do NIR cameras work?

Prabu Kumar
NIR imaging has a unique sensitivity profile to project distant objects with a clear vision and are particularly useful in night vision applications. Go backstage on NIR imaging and understand the role of NIR cameras in embedded vision applications....
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Key factors that you must consider before buying an Near Infrared camera

Prabu Kumar
NIR imaging is rising in popularity with use cases such as night vision surveillance, industrial image processing, spectroscopy, food inspection, etc. Explore all the key features to be strongly considered before selecting a NIR camera....
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Near Infrared USB camera

We recently launched Near Infrared (NIR) version of our flagship product e-CAM51_USB, with the growing enquiries from our customers looking for a NIR version of the same. The e-CAM51_USB_NIR has the e-CAM52_5640_MOD_NIR camera module which has the NIR filter removed. So what is special about these NIR cameras? Well let’s......