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How e-con’s 13MP monochrome USB camera boosts the performance of medical microscopes

Vinoth Rajagopalan
Modern microscopes let lab technicians capture high-quality images and perform detailed analyses. But did you know that monochrome cameras are a better choice than color cameras? Get to know why See3CAM_CU135M with 1.1µm pixel BSI technology is a perfect fit for medical microscopes....
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MIPI camera vs USB camera – a detailed comparison

Prabu Kumar
The selection of the best-fit interface depends on many factors. And MIPI and USB have remained two of the most popular camera interfaces. Take an in-depth journey into the world of MIPI and USB interfaces and get a feature-by-feature comparison....
Camera ApplicationsLife Sciences

Pick the right digital camera for your microscopic devices

Christy Bharath
Microscopic applications require good color reproduction, sensitivity, resolution, etc. So, what are the major camera features that you need for your microscopic device to perform exceptionally well? Find out and learn why See3CAM_CU55M is the best camera solution for microscopes....
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Accessing See3CAM Custom Format with OpenCV

Sathya Kumar
OpenCV makes use of DirectShow (for Windows) and V4L2 (for Linux) frameworks to access the camera frames. Discover how e-con Systems has simplified the lives of algorithm developers by providing all necessary patches to OpenCV layer for accessing custom formats provided by our USB cameras....
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Working with See3CAM – USB3 Cameras and OpenCV

Sathya Kumar
OpenCV is an open source BSD licensed image processing bundle that contains functions for basic image decoding, enhancement, color space conversion, object detection/tracking, etc. See all the tools and software you must install to access frames from e-con’s See3CAM cameras through OpenCV....
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USB 3.0 camera with interchangeable lenses from e-con Systems™

e-con Systems launched the See3CAMCU50, a CMOS USB camera based on the OV5640 sensor from Omnivision. One of its unique features is the complete flexibility to choose a lens depending on the expected viewing angle. Find out why this can be a big deal for your application....
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1.3 MP Full Color USB 3.0 Industrial Camera from e-con Systems™

e-con Systems launched the See3CAM_11CUG, a 1.3 MP Full Color USB 3.0 Industrial Digital Camera. Based on onsemi’s MT9M031 sensor, it has SuperSpeed connectivity – 720p(HD) @30fps and 1280×960 (Full Resolution) @20fps. Get to know more about this state-of-the-art camera....